Immersive Application Process

Before joining the Immersive Program, students must complete a technical interview demonstrating sound Javascript fundamentals. Here is a roadmap to help get you there.

Submit an Application

To submit an application some Javascript knowledge will be required!
  • Our interactive application proccess is also a short coding challenge.
  • If the submission proccess is too difficult, continue improving your Javascript fundamentals and try again!
  • Sign in with your Google account to begin. Don't have one? Click here to make one!

Prepare for the Technical Interview

Our Technical Interview ensures all students enter the Immersive with sound Javascript fundamentals.
  • The interview will cover strings, arrays, objects and higher order functions.
  • Check our Resources page below for self-study materials.
  • Code Chrysalis also offers a part-time program called Foundations that covers this material in a classroom.

Admissions Decision

After completing your technical interview, we will give you an admissions decision within two days.
  • Upon acceptance, you will be invited to join the next available cohort of our Immersive Program.
  • If you have not met our technical bar, we ask that you continue to improve your Javascript fundamentals and apply again soon.

Apply for Our Other Programs

We accept rolling applications for our upcoming Foundations and English Communication Intensive offerings.

Apply to Foundations

The Foundations program introduces students to the fundamentals of programming, and an engineering problem-solving mindset.
  • There are no prerequisites to applying to Foundations, and the process consists of an online form, followed by a friendly interview.
  • Foundations does not guarantee admission into the Immersive, but brings students to a level very close to that required for admission, with the rest learned through self-study.

Apply to our English Communication Intensive

The English Communication Intensive is open to anyone looking to develop their English skills. Applicants must commit to the entire 4-week program.
  • After completing your online application form, applicants will be contacted shortly to schedule an interview to determine if they are a good fit for the program.
  • The English Communication Intensive is capped at ten students per section to maintain an optimal learning environment. Interviews are granted on a first-come-first-served basis.