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Supporting Japan's Single Mothers with Software Engineering Scholarships

シングルマザーのための個人奨学金募集制度 - The Butterfly Fund - の設立のお知らせ

TOKYO--Opportunities in the tech industry are not equitably distributed, with the vast majority of software engineers being disproportionately men. Code Chrysalis Japan K.K. established a scholarship fund, The Butterfly Fund, in November 2020 as a step towards balancing this inequity and lowering barriers for single mothers in Japan.


The Butterfly Fund is a scholarship fund for single mothers residing in Japan who want to learn software engineering and change their careers. To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be single mothers living in Japan needing financial assistance. Scholarship recipients are decided by a third-party committee of leaders in Japan's tech industry.

Scholarship recipients will enroll in the Code Chrysalis Foundations program or Code Chrysalis Immersive Bootcamp.

The funds are distributed on a rolling basis and there is no deadline. Applicants must be legal residents of Japan and English language fluency is not a requirement.


The Foundations program is a part-time introduction to programming course, spread out over 5- or 10-weeks, depending on the student's chosen pace.

The Immersive Bootcamp is Japan's leading alternative technical program for individuals and corporations in software engineering. Students will explore the fundamentals of computer science, full-stack JavaScript, and development of software applications. Graduates of the Immersive Bootcamp have gone on to work as software engineers at companies such as Google, Sony, and Mercari.


This fund was started after multiple single mothers approached Code Chrysalis asking for loans, as they were not able to afford the tuition fee. Through the scholarship program, Code Chrysalis hopes to lower barriers for single mothers and empower them to play a more active role in the STEM industries. To increase diversity in the workplace, continuing education needs to be made more attainable to people and the Butterfly Fund is a step towards creating more accessibility.

"As the daughter of a single mother, I have always held strong admiration for the hardships my mother conquered to provide me with the best opportunities. I hope that the Butterfly Fund can create long-lasting, impactful change for women, like my mother, trying to shape a better life for themselves and their children," said Code Chrysalis co-founder and CTO, Yan Fan.


At 85%, Japan has the highest share of single mothers in the labor force of any country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). However, the poverty rate of single parent-families where the parent is working is 56%, which is also the highest in the OECD. The poverty rate for working single-parent families in the US by comparison is at 33.5%.

This shows that despite working, over half of single mothers are living in poverty.


Anyone can contribute donations to the Butterfly Fund. The Butterfly Fund is currently seeking funding from private individuals, organizations, and companies. Our scholarship committee of third-party judges will decide to which applicants the funds will be distributed to. The amount donated will not be handled by Code Chrysalis, but by the third-party committee and used exclusively for tuition fees for single mothers. Funds are solicited on a rolling basis.

Code Chrysalis has previously done one-time scholarships with companies including TRI-AD (Toyota Research Institute--Advanced Development), EDOCODE, yamaneco, and HIU (Takafumi Horie Innovation University). There have also been employment-attached scholarship agreements in the past. If you are interested in hiring software engineers who are trained to begin immediate contribution, please contact us at: [email protected].

Learn more and donate to the Butterfly Fund here.


Founded in May 2017 by CEO Kani Munidasa and CTO Yan Fan, Code Chrysalis is a Silicon Valley-style software engineering training school based in Japan. Code Chrysalis is now an industry leader in Japan for technology education, offering full-stack software engineering bootcamps that propel careers and help re-engineer individuals to thrive in the tech economy. Code Chrysalis offers both full-time and part-time programs to individuals remotely and on its physical campus. It also delivers all programs in both English and Japanese.

In addition to supporting individuals, Code Chrysalis also helps enterprises achieve results through training software engineering teams. Enterprise clients include NRI, Mercari, TRI-AD Dojo (Toyota Research Institute--Advanced Development), and Nomura Securities.