Code Chrysalis joins CIRR

Transparent Graduation Statistics for Bootcamps

Why Code Chrysalis is joining the Silicon Valley-standard Council on Integrity in Results Reporoting (CIRR).

We're going remote!

Code Chrysalis is Going Remote!

Remote is the future of work. We are preparing our graduates for this movement.

Why Code Chrysalis focuses on soft skills?



コードクリサリスによるメルカリの新入社員研修 Part-1

メルカリ×コードクリサリスが挑戦する、最強のエンジニアを育てる研修とは ①

コードクリサリスによるメルカリの新入社員研修 Part-2

メルカリ×コードクリサリスが挑戦する、最強のエンジニアを育てる研修とは ②

Getting to 50% Women

Getting to 50% Women

Ballet Dancer and Software Engineer

Graduate Interview with Yuma Sumi

Photo of Hiro smiling at the camera

Becoming a Google Cloud Customer Engineer

Graduate Interview with Hiroyuki Momoi

9 Tips to Advance from Beginner to Intermediate Coding

What to do after finishing your introductory coding class


10 Tips for our Technical Interview

Advice for our Coding Bootcamp and More

Computer with Why Join a Coding Bootcamp? written over it

Why Join a Coding Bootcamp?

Advice to Future Developers from Kyokan CEO

Coding Bootcamp Graduate Ryuta Udo

From QA-Testing To Cryptocurrency

Graduate Interview with Ryuta Udo

Coding bootcamp graduate Kimiko smiling at camera

Kimiko's Journey From English Teacher To Software Engineer

Graduate Interview with Kimiko Motoyama

Working As A Product Manager In Tokyo

Graduate Interview with Sora Maruyama

Finding A Software Engineering Job Abroad

Graduate Interview with Takahiro Morita

Kumiko Haraguchi

How One Coding Bootcamp Graduate Doubled Her Salary

Graduate Interview with Kumiko Haraguchi

Tsubasa Kondo

Becoming A Fullstack Developer In Tokyo

Graduate Interview with Tsubasa Kondo

Masataka Shintoku

卒業生インタビュー 〜新徳雅隆〜