Programmers Oath

As software engineers, we should be mindful of our knowledge and power and use our skills to promote good.


How to Get Into The Immersive Bootcamp

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to get into the Code Chrysalis Immersive if you are an absolute tech beginner.


Why Join a Coding Bootcamp

Listen to the advice for future developers from Kyokan's founder and CEO, Dan Tsui.


Now Is The Time To Become An Engineer

Kasumi Nakano graduated the Japanese Foundations Cohort 2 and English Immersive 11th Cohort. She sat down with us for an online interview to talk about her experiences of both courses.


We Changed Our Admissions Process

Starting last month, we changed the application process for our Immersive Bootcamp. Previously, there was a coding challenge that applicants had to pass followed by a series of technical interviews.


Why coding is perfect for empowering Japanese moms

A recent graduate of the Japanese Foundations course, Yunn Takiguchi, sat down with us for an online interview. Yunn is a mother of one child, age 3, and is currently working part-time when she decided to take a beginner coding course.


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