This program is for:


People who want to communicate proactively with English-speaking team members or managers.


People who need to give impressive presentations to English speaking clients.


Coding beginners who are interested in a career related to software engineering or programming and want to learn the lingo that goes along with it.

Non-engineers who are interested in tech are also welcome!



Intro to pair programming

Vocabulary for software engineers

Grabbing meaning from long texts

Lightning talks

Stand-ups and Retros

Agile communication


Explanation strategies

Meet the Dean of Programs

Heather Dobbin

Heather is a native English speaker from the U.S. with over nine year’s experience in curriculum development and English language instruction. She moved to Tokyo to support Code Chrysalis’s mission to help cultivate world-class talent in Japan's IT community, and has helped develop a curriculum unique to the needs of professionals in the IT space. Her professional interests include meta-learning, multi-cultural communication and teamwork, and liaising between the engineer and non-tech communities.


Per Class

6~12 Students

1 Instructor

Minimum of 4 hours Maximum of 8 hours

Per Program

40 hours minimum

80 hours max


JPY 1,200,000 (+ 8% VAT) / 40 hrs


Code Chrysalis or your office

+200,000 JPY if delivered at Code Chrysalis

Interested in more options? See our Enterprise page.