the CORE Team


Kani Munidasa

Co-Founder & CEO

In the tech industry for over 18 years, Kani was most recently at Pivotal helping industry leaders transform the way they build software, innovate, and disrupt business by adopting a Silicon Valley mindset. Prior to starting Code Chrysalis, Kani attended and worked at a Silicon Valley coding bootcamp.


Yan Fan

Co-Founder & CTO

Yan started coding when she became disillusioned by her job in commodities trading while living in Singapore. Since then, Yan has worked as a developer at Ayasdi, an instructor for Reactor Prep, an intro to programming course run by Hack Reactor, and CTO of a coding bootcamp in Jordan.

Yan holds degrees in Economics, Arabic, and Chinese from Dartmouth College. She likes the use of the Oxford comma and prefers spaces over tabs.


Tomonori murakami

Software Engineer & Instructor

A versatile software engineer with over a decade of experience working in Japanese technology firms big and small. He was recently a corporate officer at Eviry, where he designed and developed a successful online video platform.



Co-CKO (Chief Kawaii Officer)

Hailing from San Francisco, Hana saw the aftermath of the dot-com bust and the subsequent resurgence of Silicon Valley as a tech boom town. She enjoys long walks, frozen pizza crusts, and being the center of attention.

Hana is also an avid traveler and has been all over the US and Europe (and now soon to be in Japan!).


Co-CKO (Chief Kawaii Officer)

At less than two years old, Meow is Code Chrysalis's youngest team member. Although a relative newcomer to tech, Meow is becoming a pro at standing on keyboards and swiping on iPads. She enjoys chin scratches and dislikes cats.