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We are the only coding bootcamp in Asia that stays with our students even long after they graduate from our program. We help with everything from helping you craft the perfect resume to teaching you how to prepare for interviews in the tech industry.

we're with you for your job huntーfor life

Our Immersive and Immersive Part-Time courses include Lifetime Career Support benefits after graduation including:

  • Negotiating salary
  • Polishing your online presence
  • Writing an engineer resume
  • Whiteboarding and technical interviews
  • In-person and online networking strategies
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Transparent Graduate Statistics

The Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) is a coalition of the world's leading coding bootcamps dedicated to keeping graduate statistics transparent for prospective applicants.

We are proud to say that we are the only coding bootcamp in Japan and the second in Asia to qualify. As part of CIRR, we must adhere to their strict guidelines for results reporting and have our data audited by a third-party.What do our students do after finishing our Immersive course? How much do they make? What jobs do they get? We detail it all in these reports.

Japan Certified

Our Immersive Program has been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as a valuable, high-quality course in Japan.

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The Support You Need

We're here with you for the job hunt ー for life.

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Dedicated Career Coach

Our career coach works with you during and after the course to find the best strategy and path to a new software engineering career.

Job Hunting Preparation

During the course, you will hone your interview skills, practice algorithms and computer science fundamentals, learn how to create a killer resume, and more.

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Lifetime Career Support

Weekly check-ins, mock interviews, and on-call salary negotiation advice are just some of the benefits that our students have after graduating from the Immersive Bootcamp.


Our students get lifetime career support.

We're an career-focused bootcamp. See why our graduates have received offers from these companies and more.

Software Engineering Session

Our Job Standards

All of our graduate job-seekers are guided to seek positions that meet the following standards:

😁 You are excited about your company and your job!
🥊 The company has a competitive hiring process
💸 Your salary is a reflection of your value to them
🌿 There are opportunities for career growth

Career-focused Curriculum

During the Immersive Bootcamp, we have specific coursework to help you land the job.

By the end of our course, you will have:

  • A portfolio of full-stack projects
  • A kick-ass resume
  • Communication and networking skills for a successful job hunt
  • A dedicated career coach to help you navigate the job search
  • Gained knowledge and experience on how to succeed in engineering interviews
  • Learned strategies for negotiating your salary
Live and work in Japan

Career Support FAQs

I don't speak Japanese and need visa sponsorship, can I get a job in Japan?

Since we started Code Chrysalis, 29% of our graduates fall under this category and have all found engineering positions in Japan.

As long as you have a bachelor's degree, sponsoring work visas is not difficult for companies in Japan.

I do not have a Bachelor's degree. Would this put me at a disadvantage?

Yes. It can be difficult for companies to sponsor your work visa even if they want to hire you. However, there are two exceptions:1. If you have 10 years of work experience.2. Pass one of the approved exams by Japan's Ministry of Justice.

This blog post has good information about getting a work visa in Japan.

What is your graduates average salary, what kinds of jobs do they get?

Great question! We actually have reports about that. The most recent ones can be found here.

Invite-Only Job Fair Events

Get special access to invite-only job fair events. Companies that have attended our events:

Money Tree
Make Leaps
Amplified A.I.

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