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Code Chrysalis' Immersive program teaches "how to work at finding the answer" to a problem rather than "just us giving it to you"

Our alumni work at companies in Japan and around the world including:

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Code Chrysalis' Immersive program teaches "how to work at finding the answer" to a problem rather than "just us giving it to you"

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The Code Chrysalis Immersive Program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to shift their career towards becoming a globally recognized software engineer. In a rapidly changing technological environment, in order to succeed as a software engineer, it is essential to have a high level of coding skills paired with the ability to learn new technologies as well as developing the soft skills to better work within a team setting. 

To ensure you have what it takes to succeed at a high level, CC administers an exam prior to enrolling a student into the Immersive Program. The curriculum for this course is designed to challenge you so that after graduation you can continue to grow without instructor supervision.

We are looking for students who are serious about changing careers, or are looking for a chance to break into a new industry, or people who have taught themselves coding but are not sure if their current method of study is correct. In the pre-course, students will learn the basics. But, in the main course, students will learn how to develop an application from scratch.

The three-month intensive also includes classes that teach programming fundamentals and agile development. Instructors are assigned to support students so that they can acquire the ability to run on their own and continue to grow after graduation.

Who is best suited for this course?

If you…
・want to change your career, but don't have the necessary skills.
・find your current workplace does not offer the opportunities for growth.
・are learning to code, but you don’t know if what you’re learning is correct.

It’s important to note that CC is an inclusive and supportive environment and does not refuse acceptance on the basis of age, gender, identity, religion, or nationality.

What can you expect after graduating from the Immersive Program?

・The necessary skills to develop applications from scratch
・Soft skills necessary to become a globally competitive software engineer
・Skills necessary to learn and work with new technologies
・The skills necessary to apply to become a software engineer

Goals for the Immersive Program

To develop future leaders in the software engineering community.

Tuition Fees: ¥1.32M (tax included)

・Main Course
・Lifetime career Support
・Alumni Community Membership

Admissions requirements

Need to pass the entrance exam    
・Correctly answering CC coding questions in the application
・Pass the technical interview which tests your basic Java Script skills
・Pass a basic English language test

It’s important to note that you can take the entrance examination as many times as you wish, free of charge.

Our Graduates Earn 38% More Than Average

Student Backgrounds Before Joining

Our program is both challenging for those already in the field, but accessible enough for those looking to change their careers.

The majority of our students come from non-technical backgrounds. Our class has had ballet dancers, English teachers, accountants, artists, business people, and musicians alongside those with computer science degrees and developer experience.

Top Job Titles

Graduates' first job titles coming out of the Immersive.

Investing in their own future: Why students choose us

We are the only coding bootcamp in Asia that stays with our students even long after they graduate from our program. We help with everything from helping you craft the perfect resume to teaching you how to prepare for interviews in the tech industry.

Admission Process

Fill Application Form
Submit a Coding Challenge
Book, Schedule & Pass Technical Check-in
Complete Precourse

The program in details

Approx. 8 Weeks (Remote)


A series of projects and assignments that admitted students must complete on their own
Advanced JavaScript, git, basc data structures, unit testing, HTML, CSS, basic command line.

Students must also pass one assessment given in the middle.
6 Weeks (Week 1 - Week 6)


Computer Science and Adv. JavaScript
Advanced data structures, data modeling, complexity analysis, inheritance patterns
Node, Express, API design, schema design, databases (Postgres)
Framework architecture, React, HTML, CSS
Continuous Dellivery
CI/CD Pipelines, Heroku
Product Management
Prototyping, team communication, lean startup, agile, extreme programming
6 Weeks (Week 7 - Week 12)

Projects & Outcomes

Greenfield/Legacy Project
Students work on 2 team projects and also get experience working with other people's code
Solo MVP Project
Students have 1 week to build a fullstack app from scratch on their own
Polyglottal Project
Students have 1 week to learn a new language and build an app with it
Senior Project
Students have 3.5 weeks to create a final project
Outcome Lecture
Work with our specialized outcomes coach yo guide you in finding a software engineer job

Career-focused curriculum

During the Immersive Bootcamp, we have specific coursework to help you land the job.

By the end of our course, you will have:

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A portfolio of full-stack projects
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A kick-ass resume
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Communication and networking skills for a successful job hunt
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A dedicated career coach to help you navigate the job search
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Gained knowledge and experience on how to succeed in engineering interviews
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Learned strategies for negotiating your salary
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Happy Programming Learner
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You can schedule a free online meeting.
Admissions encourages you to do so in order to ensure you’re prepared for the admissions process. 

As course deadlines draw near, we experience a backlog of admissions appointments, which means that some of our students are unable to enroll in their desired courses. Act now to ensure you’re admitted to your desired course. We fill up rather quickly. Your future awaits you. Schedule a meeting with our admissions team today.