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for the English or Japanese Immersive

What is The Butterfly Scholarship?

The Butterfly Fund Scholarship seeks to diversity Japan's tech community by creating opportunities for single mothers to attend our software engineering programs. In Japan, single mothers are at a poverty rate of 56%, yet 85% participate in the labor force. These stats are highest among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. The Butterfly Fund Scholarship is governed entirely by the third-party committee of volunteers. Code Chrysalis's administrative costs are zero.


Who is eligible?

Any single mother who...

  • Is interested in attending the English or Japanese Immersive
  • Has shown a passion for learning software engineering
  • Is seeking higher career development and financial freedom
  • Has shown a dedication to transforming Japan's IT industry

How do I apply?

Apply to the Code Chrysalis Immersive bootcamp by filling out the application form. After passing our technical interview and getting accepted to the program, please contact our staff about your interest in The Butterfly Scholarship.

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