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Versatile Job Skills

Emphasis on effective confidence, technical communication & career training leads to our high job placement in our Immersive Bootcamp.

50% Female Ratio

We pride ourselves in being an unique, global environment in Tokyo. We have a diverse student body and 1:1 male to female staff ratio with a child-friendly space.

Flexible Classes

Full-time employees, freelancers and stay-at-home mothers alike take our courses to enhance and compliment their busy lifestyle.

👩‍🎓 What're your goals?

👊 Become a software engineering leader.

Re-engineer yourself with a growth mindset.

Build the confidence and autonomy needed to go beyond our full-stack Javascript curriculum. Watch #100DaysOfTechTalks and see what kind of projects you can be capable of.

👩🏻‍🏫 Meet Your Instructors

Heather Dobbin
Dean of Programs

Heather, originally a denizen of Atlanta, Georgia, has spent the past 10 years facilitating multicultural communication and managing education in both the bustling city of Busan, South Korea and the beautiful mountainous countryside of Japan.

Eri Ochiai
Outcomes Lead

Eri has lived in numerous countries including Japan, U.S., Canada, Italy and Malawi. After graduating from the International Christian University (ICU) with a degree in International Relations she has worked in the fields of language education and technology. Using her previous experience in HR at an autonomous driving startup, her role at Code Chrysalis is to advise graduates in job hunting.

Jill Hackney
Curriculum Analyst

Jill Hackney is originally from Philadelphia, and previously worked in the film and television industry in camera and lighting. She travelled extensively before joining Code Chrysalis, including extended period of residence in Saudi Arabia, the UK, and New Zealand. She currently works remotely from Seattle on the Immersive bootcamp curriculum.

Eriko Kidera
Educational Software Engineer

Born and raised in Nagasaki, Eriko worked as a systems engineer in a fintech company where she spent a decade handling system design, UI/UX, testing, & product launches. As a technical mentor & instructor, Eriko wants to encourage those who work hard as a tech mentor / instructor.

Kumiko Haraguchi, Code Chrysalis
Kumiko Haraguchi
Software Engineer

"I think my curiosity for technologies and going through the Immersive seemed to stand out [from other applicants].

I don't think I [would have] got[ten] this offer if I didn't go to Code Chrysalis. You guys... I made the best choice in my life!

Read more about Kumiko here.
Kimiko Motoyama
Kimiko Motoyama
Civil Engineer

"With [Code Chrysalis's] help, I was able to receive several job offers, and even negotiated my salary! I am now at a company that pays more than twice the salary of my last company!!! Even now they still ask how my job is going and check in with me often.

If you're thinking about joining, you should do it ASAP."

Kimiko increased her salary by 2.6x since graduating from Code Chrysalis.

Female Graduate Data

Student Background Before Joining

Our program is both challenging for those already in the field, but accessible enough for those looking to change their careers.

The majority of our students come from non-technical backgrounds. Our class has had ballet dancers, English teachers, accountants, artists, business people, and musicians alongside those with computer science degrees and developer experience.

Japanese Language Proficiency

41% of our female student body is Japanese、which includes Japanese-Americans whose native language is Japanese。We pride ourselves in an environment where students can feel comfortable speaking English or Japanese.

Japanese Language Ability

Education Level

Our students are mostly university graduates, but we've been seeing more high school and graduate students as well.

81% Bachelor's Degree

13% High School Degree

6% Graduate School or Higher

Nao Arimura, former Barista, App Developer at Sumally in Tokyo
Nao Arimura
Former Hair Stylist, Software Engineer

"I didn't have any experience with coding. But I met fantastic instructors and motivated friends here. I have really enjoyed the course and finally, I could join the Immersive Bootcamp. If I didn't take the class, I would not be here. Also, the class is open to everyone. Highly recommended!"

Anna Nakayama, Frontend Engineer at Virtusize Tokyo, Japan
Ania Nakayama
Former Account Manager, Frontend Engineer

"I loved Code Chrysalis! I'm so happy I joined because it filled a lot of the gaps in my knowledge and gave me a lot of practice. I wish it was longer because [the program] passed way too fast."

A big thank you to Code Chrysalis. I doubled my income after graduating. Now I can eat sandwiches I previously thought were expensive. 😆 This program was tough from day one until the end, but it really helped me grow.

I’m joining @codechrysalisJP’s Intro to Foundations course! There are many older, mid-career folks in my class - I’m so glad that the culture of learning new things has taken root in Japan. 🌞 I’m doing the same. ✨

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from QA specialist to software engineer, Shruti Jain, Code Chrysalis
Shruti Jain
Former QA Specialist, Software Engineer

"I studied computer science in college 10 years back... I thought it would be impossible for me to come back. Then I came to know about CC which changed my life and helped me become a developer which I couldn’t do before. CC curriculum is awesome and highly job focused as opposed to academia. First time in Japan... I got multiple job offers. CC not only teaches you JavaScript but also how to learn new technologies on your own."

Mini Samadova, former Tech Support, Software Engineer in Tokyo
Mini Samadova
Former Tech Support, Software Engineer

"It was definitely worth it without a single doubt! Some key values Code Chrysalis thought how to learn new technologies, to communicate effectively, to never give up on myself and how to deal with failures. Thanks to CC, I became a part of such an amazing and inspiring community! "