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Who We Are

Code Chrysalis is a coding school based in Tokyo with the only advanced full-stack software engineering bootcamp in Asia. In addition to our full-time bootcamp, we have two part-time programs---an introductory coding course and an English communication intensive.

We are creating and leading the third wave of coding bootcamps by preparing our students for engineering leadership. Our courses are unique in that they are designed to nurture not only strong technical skills, but also open communication skills, empathy, and versatile autonomy.

About Our Programs

PDF pages describing our programs.

code chrysalis foundations about pdf

Foundations Course

code chrysalis immersive about pdf

The Immersive Bootcamp [EN]

code chrysalis english for engineers about pdf

English for Engineers

code chrysalis about pdf

Code Chrysalis Deck


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Code Chrysalis Cohort 4 Demo Day Photos

Code Chrysalis Cohort 4 Demo Day Photos | 107.7 MB

Code Chrysalis Cohort 5 Photos

Code Chrysalis Cohort 5 Photos | 40.6 MB


Co-Founders | 12.4 MB


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