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What Makes Us Unique


We select students based on skill and not how much they can pay. Our acceptance rate for our full-time advanced immersive is ~23%.


Our curriculum is meticulously created for efficiency and highest impact. We teach in-demand technologies and are constantly updating our curriculum to stay on the bleeding edge.

Lifelong Career

We thoroughly prepare students for the job market during the course and provide support for the rest of their careers. We want our graduates to not only find amazing jobs, but also rise to the top.

Prepare for the Immersive

Foundations & English Communication Intensive
Build a strong foundation in coding fundamentals or English communication with our part-time, four-week programs.

Full-Time Immersive

Our full-time, 12-week course will challenge you like you have never been challenged before. Re-engineer your career with us.

Immersive Curriculum

Language Agnostic

English and JavaScript are our teaching languages, but they are not your limits.

We teach our students to be language agnostic and able to adapt in any situation.

Computer Science Essentials

Algorithmic thinking, abstraction, data structures, and programming patterns will form the foundation upon which you build. We also cover concurrency models and event loops, asynchronicity, and other advanced JavaScript topics.


Node, ExpressJS, GraphQL, Kafka, API design---JavaScript has come a long way. Learn about relational and non-relational databases and schema design and build your own using Postgres and Redis.

Framework Philosophy

We do not just teach frameworks. Frameworks come and go. Architectural principles do not.

We use popular frameworks and libraries such as React + Redux and Vue to see these methodologies in action.

Advanced Front-End

We go beyond just simple HTML5 and CSS3. We cover fetch, Promises, HTTP protocols, and other innovations that have made the internet so powerful.

Tools, Workflows, and Best Practices

A software engineer is nothing without their tools for building and deploying: Webpack, Heroku, AWS, Docker, and continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines.

Being able to develop with efficiency, speed and style is what sets masters apart. We embrace agile methodologies, and careful code reviews.

Silicon Valley Mindset

Intelligence and hard-work can only bring you so far. We believe a positive, growth-oriented mindset takes you the rest of the way and carries you through life's challenges.

Career Advancement

Through pair programming and group projects, career coaching, and mentorship, we foster a collaborative atmosphere of empathy, helping overcome imposter syndrome, building confidence, and expanding your limits.




Our graduates come from various backgrounds with varied technical experiences. On average, our students who were previously employed as software engineers gain a 77% increase from their previous salary after our program. Our graduates who land jobs as junior developers earn over 50% higher than market average.


During our program, you will receive interview coaching, polish your internet presence and resume, build a portfolio of projects, and learn salary negotiation strategies


We help you find a more meaningful and impactful career path through tech. Create your vision and see it become reality, whether it is through a job promotion, greater technical autonomy, a career transition, or an entrepreneurial pursuit.

Past Student Projects


Senior Project
Image recognition mobile app to find products on Amazon.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Cloudsight API, AmazonAPI, Android Studio.


Senior Project
Speech-to-text flash cards for learning Japanese and English.Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, Knex, Web Speech API, React, Redux, Google Translation API, Heroku.

Live Jazz Tokyo

Senior Project
Jazz event booking and management for Tokyo.Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, Knex, React, Redux, Material UI, Heroku, Google Maps, Stripe and Facebook APIs.

Insertion Sort Demo

Solo Project Week 2
A demo of how insertion sort works.Technologies: jQuery, HTML & CSS, Animate.css, Jasmine.

Trip Sticker

Solo Project Week 6
A Pin-up board for trip dreams.Technologies: React, Redux, Express, Postgres, Knex, NodeJS.

Onsen Tracker

Solo Project Week 8
Record and find onsens you love!Technologies: Golang, Postgres, Heroku Iris, React, Redux.


Solo Project Week 8
A fashion e-commerce website.Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Capybara, Selenium, React, Redux, Bootstrap

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Our offices are located in Moto-Azabu, right behind Roppongi Hills.

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