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Meet our graduates that have transformed their lives through code

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I’d absolutely say it’s life-changing. It’s a chance to take 3 months away from work and immerse yourself in something exciting, interesting, and fun.

Our alumni work at companies in Japan and around the world including:

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Investing in their own future: Why students choose us

We are the only coding bootcamp in Asia that stays with our students even long after they graduate from our program. We help with everything from helping you craft the perfect resume to teaching you how to prepare for interviews in the tech industry.

Who Are Our Students?

Gregory Edmondson
Working at
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Stephen Batman
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Why students love us.

“I was able to receive several job offers, and even negotiated my salary! I am now at a company that pays more than twice the salary of my last company! Even now they still ask how my job is going and check in with me often. If you're thinking about joining, you should do it ASAP.”

Kimiko Motoyama - civil engineer
Kimiko Motoyama
civil engineer at
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Don't just learn to codeーlearn how to think like an engineer. Our industry-aligned curriculum with a Silicon-Valley-mindset, optimized for efficiency and impact.

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