The mission behind Code Chrysalis: Changing the way Asia trains software engineers

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Our story

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In 2017, Kani and I moved from Silicon Valley to Tokyo to start Code Chrysalis. We wanted to change how Asia perceives and trains software engineers.

This desire came from seeing a disconnect in reality with what was necessary for professional success in the workplace.

When you hear universities, recruiters, bootcamps, and most people talk about software engineers, the conversation is almost always about hard skills. What programming languages do you know? What frameworks have you used?

Technical skills are indeed important. But what’s not as commonly talked about are the soft skills that differentiate and drive careers forward. Kani and I wanted to create a school that recognized the importance of both soft and hard skills. We wanted to provide people with real career longevity and guidance in their technical careers.

Starting with Japan, we wanted to prove that we could graduate software engineers that were no different from the ones in Silicon Valley.

People with real career longevity
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Create software engineering leaders

In addition to strong technical skills, we try to round our students' skill set with Autonomy, Communication, and Empathy.

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    because software engineering is a team sport
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    because technology is vast and fast-paced
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    because software engineers need to understand how they can impact others

We find that many schools and programs focus on only technical skills. Those are absolutely important, but professional soft skills also play a vital role in career advancement and fulfillment.

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Empower women in tech careers

We wholeheartedly believe that getting women more involved in engineering and contributing their ideas is key to the advancement of technology and the betterment of the world.

When you limit the range of perspectives and experiences, you limit the quality of the subsequent result, product, or decision.

Code Chrysalis students image
Code Chrysalis students image

Build an inclusive, innovative community

Innovation comes from the exchanging of ideas.

We run free educational events and workshops for the community and have covered a range of topics from technology and entrepreneurship to sustainability.

By cultivating a community where everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and learn other perspectives, we are fostering innovation and creating a more understanding world.

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