Applying for an education subsidy from Hello Work

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Great news for residents of Japan wishing to improve their employment situation.

Students of Code Chrysalis who are residents of Japan are eligible to receive up to ¥400,000 per year under the Hello Work Education and Training benefit system.

The Education and Training benefit system (教育訓練給付制度) was designed to support the development and career transformation of employed people. Its aim is to promote employment stability and employment opportunities. This program isn’t simply for full-time employees, part-time and contract employees are also encouraged to apply.

Who can Apply?

  • Long term residents of Japan who have accrued a certain amount of employment insurance (confirm your eligibility with HelloWork)
  • Full-Time Immersive students

It’s important to note the entire process is conducted in Japanese. Hello Work does not provide English documents or English language assistance. In other words, when applying,  you will need to be proficient in Japanese or have someone available to translate for you.

Another important note is that those who have been unemployed for less than one year (the date they ceased to be insured) are also eligible. However, if you are unable to attend a course within the year you ceased to be insured due to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, illness, or injury, you may apply to the head of the Public Employment Security Office for an extension of up to 20 years.

Application Flow

1. Visit your local Hello Work office to confirm that you are eligible. If eligible, you will receive the necessary documents. The process to verify you may take a few days. Once verified, a career interview will be held.

2. Hello Work will conduct a career consulting interview.

3. At the end of completing your Code Chrysalis course, you will need to submit the necessary documents confirming your completion of the course work to Hello Work.

Let’s Go!

All forms need to be submitted and verified one month prior to the course start date.

We recommend applicants start their Hello Work application alongside their Code Chrysalis application. During your Code Chrysalis consultation, please inform our Admissions staff of your desire to apply for the Hello Work subsidy.

Please note that we recommend collecting all Hello Work’s forms directly from a Hello Work office as online documents are often not be updated.

*Make sure to use a black ballpoint pen (erasable pens are not accepted).

📌 Step 1. Visit your local Hello Work and Submit these forms:

1. Eligibility of Educational Training Benefit Form *Code Chrysalis insurance number will be provided. Please consult our Admissions team for more information.

2. Job card (Career Plan sheets are divided into current employment status, be sure to fill in the right form that applies to you)

a) Example job card for job seekers

PDF provided by Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare

3. Two forms of personal ID and address verification documents. Photocopies aren’t accepted. We recommend the My Number, residence or driving license as the best forms of ID for this step.

4. My Number card

5. Employment Insurance Certificate (or Employment Insurance Beneficiary Certificate). This form is issued by the applicant’s company after the individual has left their job.

6. Statement of refund. (Required when a portion of the education and training expenses have been (or will be) reimbursed by the education and training institution to the individual after a "Receipt" or "Credit Agreement Certificate" has been issued)

7. Notification of extension of the period of eligibility for education and training benefits (required if the period of eligibility has been extended). Hello Work staff will guide applicants if the applicant requires this section.

8. A bank passbook (通帳) or cash card of the financial institution where you wish to receive your payment from Hello Work.

9. Education and Training Expenses Confirmation Form. This will be handed to you on site.

10. Applicant’s address application form. In case Hello Work needs to mail files back to the applicant. We recommend you visit Hello Work directly to avoid application process delays.

🏢 Step 2: Career Consulting Interview

Please be sure to check the official Job Support Career Plan and the Job Card application process PDF here.

1. Visit your local Hello Work office to collect your Job Card Form

2. Make a reservation for a Career Consulting Interview via phone or online here.

3. Ensure you bring your Job Card to your interview. This can be done online or onsite. If done online, you must print all documents.

4. On the day of the interview, go to the General Reception desk(総合受付) and give your name and state you are there for your career consulting interview. Make sure to have the following:

    1. Three forms of job cards@

  • 様式1-1キャリア・プランシート(就業経験がある方用). Form 1-1 Career Plan Sheet (for applicants with work experience)
  • 様式2 職務経歴シート ・様式3-1 職業能力証明(免許・資格)シート. Form 3-1 Proof of Occupational Ability (Licenses and Qualifications) Sheet
  • 様式3-2 職業能力証明(学習歴・訓練歴)シート. Form 3-2 Certificate of Occupational Ability (Study and Training History) Sheet

    2. Personal seal (印鑑) and red ink pad *Ink pads are available at 100 yen stores. Seals can be made at Don Quixote hanko machines.

    3. Writing utensils (pencil, eraser, black ballpoint pen)

The interview process will be approximately 60~80 minutes.

💻 Step 3: Complete the Course!

Complete the Code Chrysalis Immersive curriculum!

💮 Step 4: Submit Course Completion + Forms to Hello Work

Code Chrysalis will assist all graduates with the necessary documentation preparation

Within one month of graduating submit the following to Hello Work:

1. Certificate of eligibility for education and training benefits (教育訓練給付金の受給資格者証)

2. Application for Payment of Educational Training Benefits (教育訓練給付金支給申請書)

3. Certificate of Completion of Professional Practical Education and Training (専門実践教育訓練修了証明書)

4. Receipt (領収書)

5. Statement of reimbursement

🎉 FINAL Step!

Once your documents are verified, Hello Work will directly deposit the funds into your pre-approved bank account.

Congratulations! You’re all set!

Additional Benefits

If the graduate secures insured employment within one year of their graduation from Code Chrysalis an additional 20% of the course fee (maximum 160,000 yen per year) will be paid.

Excluding correspondence and evening courses, the first time an unemployed person enrolls in professional training and meets certain requirements, such as being under 45 years old at the time of enrollment, they may be eligible for a separate Education and Training Support Grant.


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約3カ月で自走するエンジニアを育て、開発を内製化へ 〜大手通信企業、銀行などが参加する研修とは?〜

この研修は、約3カ月かけて最新のウェブ開発で使われている技術やフレームワークに加え、テスト駆動開発(TDD)など、フロントエンドからバックエンドまでをカバーするITスキルと、エンジニアに必要なプレゼンや、アジャイル開発のスキルなどを身につけられるシリコンバレー式。最後にはMVP(Minimum Viable Product、実用最小限の製品・機能)を作ってプレゼンまで行う、とにかく実務に即した内容が特徴です。

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『学びながら大切なことを再認識できた研修』 今回は、2024年度 新入社員研修プログラムを導入していただいた株式会社アイスリーデザイン様に、コースを受講した前後の変化などについてお聞きしました。 新入社員研修プログラムとは、 目覚ましくIT技術が進化していく時代で、チームや企業の目標に合わせた最新のエンジニアリングスキルセットをそなえた人材に育てる第一歩としての提供する新入社員へ向けたプログラミング研修です。

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今回は、企業向け研修プログラムの他企業合同で​受講可能な​『オープンコース』を導入していただいたPCA株式会社の方に、本コースを受講した前後の変化などについてお聞きしました。 オープンコースとは、 目覚ましくIT技術が進化していく時代で、既存のエンジニアの社員をチームや企業の目標に合わせた最新のエンジニアリングスキルセットをそなえた人材に育てるプログラミング研修です。また、従来の​アップスキリングコースの​課題でも​あった​人数制限や​費用の​改善を​加え、​より​多くの​方​々に​機会を​ご提供できる​プログラムになっております。