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Kasumi Nakano graduated the Japanese Foundations Cohort 2 and English Immersive 11th Cohort. She sat down with us for an online interview to talk about her experiences of both courses.

What are you working in currently?

From April 2020 I started an internship as a web developer in IOS.

What were you doing before you enrolled in Code Chrysalis?

I am working as a factory line designer, specifically in line production and production technology.

How did you find out about Code Chrysalis?

In my previous job, I decided I wanted to quit and work in the software industry. In order do that, I needed to study, so I was searching online🔍 for schools and found Code Chrysalis🧐.

What made you decide to enroll in Code Chrysalis?

Many things, such as the time frame is quite short and the lessons are packed with information. The return in investment is also quite good. The cost is quite reasonable and what attracted me the most✨.

What was the course like?

In the beginning Foundations was fun, however, once I started Immersive it was quite tough.

What was difficult about the course?

Everyday it was extremely difficult. In the beginning I felt my classmates were ahead of me, but it was really a battle with myself. The level was high and it was a struggle to answer to my instructors. That being said, I realized that this was just like the real world. In the real world, there is always some differences between you and your team, but you make it work and adjust accordingly. With my classmates, I received a lot of help🤝. It was like going back to school, but as an adult and quite a unique experience.

What was a surprisingly fun part of the course?

The team projects👩‍💻👨‍💻! In the beginning, I wasn’t very good in the pair programming assignments or working as a whole team. It was hard for me to find my place, but gradually everything become smoother🙌. By the third project I didn’t hesitate to make decisions and it was a lot of fun to work as a team as we all got used to working together😊.

How did you change after taking the course?

Using Google! Compared to before, I’m able to search more quickly and efficiently💻⏰. Currently, I am studying a new language and being able to search helps me study. Now that I have a more thorough understanding of the programming world, I can imagine the question and find the answer faster!

Also, now I feel better asking questions🗣. During the course, we have a chance to teach and as a student, I was worried about taking up people’s time with my questions. Once I stood in the teacher’s place, I realized my questions aren’t a nuisance and felt less scared.

Do you have any advice for those who wish to join the course?

For Foundations, I’d say give it a chance👍! Try it, or you’ll never know if you like it. There is no reason for you to seek a career job and you can get a basic understanding of programming. For Immersive, use your time wisely and study beforehand. Take your time and study during the pre-course! Last of all, don’t compare yourself to others. We all learn at different paces.

Thank you Kasumi!! We are so glad to have had you as a student and look forward to all your future accomplishments! 🚀

Code Chrysalis is a Tokyo-based 🗼 coding school providing a full-time and part-time programming courses in English and Japanese. Join us in-person or take our classes remotely. See why we are an industry leader in technical education in Japan 🗾.

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