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In this article, we sat down to talk with Ryuta Udo, a graduate of our 3rd Immersive cohort who now works as a frontend engineer at QUOINE. We discussed everything from how he learned about Code Chrysalis to the continuing evolution of his career.

Ryuta has a great story to tell, so make sure to check out this interview with IT Jinzai Labo once you’re done reading to learn even more!

What are you doing now?

"Right now I work as a frontend engineer at QUOINE, where I use React and Redux to develop cryptocurrency trading apps."

What did you do before enrolling in Code Chrysalis?

Before enrolling in Code Chrysalis, Ryuta worked in QA and advertising. Like many of our students, he started self-studying coding after realizing the value of being able to create applications.

"I worked alongside engineers as a QA tester for an online English conversation company. At the time, I started to think it was so cool that people could create interactive apps, and I began to casually study programming.

After that, I started working at a web advertising agency that marketed these new, innovative products. That made me feel even more confident that I wanted to be able to take my ideas and create them with my own hands. This is when I started self-studying more seriously."

How did you hear about Code Chrysalis?

"When I decided I genuinely wanted to become an engineer, I started searching for coding schools and heard about Code Chrysalis from a friend who sometimes used their co-working space. They introduced me to Kani, and the rest is history."

What made you decide to enroll at Code Chrysalis?

To Ryuta, Code Chrysalis stuck out because of three things: the school’s ability to create internationally competitive software engineers, its vision for the future of the Japanese tech industry, and the quality — and challenge— of its curriculum.

"When I was first searching for programming schools, the idea of studying in English never crossed my mind.

But after speaking with Kani, I became really excited by the idea of using English to become a “global” engineer. I was inspired by his vision for how Code Chrysalis could bring the Japanese tech industry to the next level. My interest in the school jumped immediately.

What ultimately decided it for me was the rigorous nature of the course. The syllabus indicated that I would have to create multiple apps throughout the course. As someone with no background in web development, it was both intimidating and yet also something I wanted to overcome to prove my expertise.

That was why I chose Code Chrysalis — because it provided the highest challenge and also the greatest reward."

What was the Immersive Bootcamp like?

What stuck out to Ryuta most about the Code Chrysalis Immersive program was its strong focus on soft skills. In particular, a lesson offered by a professional opera singer opened his eyes to how significant these skills are in becoming not just an engineer, but an engineering leader.

"Code Chrysalis takes pride in the fact that its graduates don’t just become engineers — they become leaders. For that, you of course need engineering skills, but you also need the soft skills of communication and leadership.

These were all incorporated into the curriculum.

Honestly, the moment of the Immersive that changed me the most was definitely the time when a professional opera singer gave a voice training lesson.

Throughout the course, there was a lot of emphasis on presentation skills. So we trained how to explain potential products to companies, how to describe the technologies you love, and how to to give public presentations like Tech Talks.

The most important thing in all of this is your voice, right? In the voice training lesson, we were taught the proper way to breathe, and how to regulate your voice in everything from everyday life to public speaking events.

This is just one example of how great the Immersive was for developing soft skills — not in some vague sense, but in a truly structured, effective, and relevant way."

What was the most difficult part of the Immersive?

The amount of things we had to learn was overwhelming. At Code Chrysalis, the course is separated into two halves. In the first half, we learned the important parts of web development, and in the second we used those skills to create our own product.

Especially in the first half, I had to work really hard to understand front-end and back-end development in a really limited amount of time. I didn’t just want to internalize the knowledge — I wanted to be sure I knew how to use it. So in a given day, I’d (1) learn something new, (2) create something with it, then (3) repeat the cycle the next day.

It was really challenging, mentally and emotionally, and I felt constantly anxious. I would describe the experience as being similar to drinking from a fire hose."

What was the most surprisingly fun or valuable part of the Immersive?

For Ryuta, the most valuable takeaway of the Immersive program was a love for software development and everything that goes along with it.

"In the second half of the curriculum, there was a full-stack app development project done in teams. Through that, I could feel myself connecting all of the knowledge I had gained up until that point piece-by-piece. I can’t express how wonderful that was. I really fell in love with software development from that point on.

Also, thanks to the challenge of the Immersive’s first half, I became skilled at picking up new knowledge. Not just that — I started to want to learn new things more and more, and relished encountering new information or problems.

This mindset is so useful, especially for my current job, and I consider it one of the main sources of why I love my current job from the bottom of my heart."

How did you change after taking the Immersive?

In a word: confidence.

"In every way, I’ve gained more confidence.

For example, confidence in my ability to make it through challenges. I was able to get through 3 incredibly challenging months of the Immersive, so if I can do that, there’s nothing I can’t do! That sort of feeling.

I’ve gained the confidence to try new things. This course is all about trying new things, even if you don’t feel like you know enough yet. As a result, I’ve been able to develop the mindset that I can not only acquire new knowledge, but actually use it as well. I’m no longer scared of trying new, challenging things — in fact, I relish it.

Finally, I’ve gained the confidence to express myself in front of other people. I used to be really bad at stating my opinion. But thanks to the constant support I received from Code Chrysalis, I’ve become able to state my opinions without hesitation.

I can create anything I want to, I can learn anything I put my mind to, and I can express myself. I have total confidence in myself now."

Do you have any advice for future students?

"Code Chrysalis will challenge you to develop both technical skills and confidence. It gives you the opportunity to grow as both an engineer and as a person.

As long as you have the desire and willpower to overcome these challenges, the staff will support you in every possible way.

I want you to look forward to how you’re going to change."

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