Sora Maruyama

Sora was born in Tokyo and grew up in Europe (Germany, Austria, & the UK!). She worked as a dancer until 8 years ago when she decided to come back to Japan to shift her attention to new challenges. Before joining Code Chrysalis, Sora was working as a product manager for a product and engineering team, where she led the development of numerous important features and built a product management team.

Brendon Bouzas

Brendon grew up in France and started his career in Switzerland as an electrical engineer specializing in security systems. Later on, he made the decision to move to Australia and resume his studies in the IT field, earning a Master’s degree in IT from the University of Sydney. Passionate about science and new technology, he loves exploring new fields in order to get a broader understanding of how things are working.

Charles Liu

Charles was born in Southern California and was raised both there and in Shanghai. After graduating from UC Davis with an Electrical Engineering degree and working for a year, he decided to make a leap of faith into his dream career as a software engineer by taking the immersive course at Code Chrysalis. His hobbies include photography, music, food, and travel. His interests are in machine learning and front-end development.

Daenam Kim

Daenam Kim grew up in South Korea and moved to Japan around 9 years ago. He worked in not only web and mobile development for Digital Marketing, Mobile Device Management and Augmented Reality but has also built server infrastructure and DevOps. He is interested in combining technologies that make people’s lives better. After Code Chrysalis, he wants to build on his career as a software engineer and eventually start his own business. In his spare time, he likes to play with his kids and listen to CCM music.

Matt Philps

Matt grew up in a small town in Australia and has lived in England and Tokyo. He holds a degree in Media Studies and diplomas in both Maritime Logistics Management and Japanese. A natural tinkerer, Matt’s foray into coding stems from his interest in making something work. After Code Chrysalis, Matt would like to find a job as a developer in Japan.

Toru Eguchi

Toru is currently working as a cloud engineer at KDDI focusing on the Google Cloud platform. He loves to venture outside of his comfort zone with his projects. For example, his master’s thesis at Tokyo Institute of Technology covered how VR experience physically and emotionally affects the elderly, though he had no experience of VR. He’s currently exploring the design process through the launch of a new guitar training app.

Final Projects

Ject - Speak with Confidence

Matthew Philps | Daenam Kim | Toru Eguchi
A web based app to help train public speaking. Ject features pronunciation training, projection training and tests your ability to think on your feet.

Katari - Life to Location

Sora Maruyama | Charles Liu | Brendon Bouzas
KATARI is a crowd-sourced information exchange app that provides a platform for users to post pictures, location information, and most importantly stories about destinations that range from tourist locations to undiscovered treasures.