The mission behind CODE CHRYSALIS.

Changing the way Asia trains software engineers.

Our Story
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In 2017, Kani and I moved from Silicon Valley to Tokyo to start Code Chrysalis. We wanted to change how Asia perceives and trains software engineers.

This desire came from seeing a disconnect in reality with what was necessary for professional success in the workplace.

When you hear universities, recruiters, bootcamps, and most people talk about software engineers, the conversation is almost always about hard skills. What programming languages do you know? What frameworks have you used?

Technical skills are indeed important. But what’s not as commonly talked about are the soft skills that differentiate and drive careers forward. Kani and I wanted to create a school that recognized the importance of both soft and hard skills. We wanted to provide people with real career longevity and guidance in their technical careers.

Starting with Japan, we wanted to prove that we could graduate software engineers that were no different from the ones in Silicon Valley.

Code Chrysalis Tokyo Coding bootcamp Halloween.Code Chrysalis Tokyo Coding bootcamp Halloween.
Code Chrysalis Tokyo Coding bootcamp Halloween.

We are proud to be the only coding bootcamp in Japan capable of doing that, holding higher standards of what a bootcamp student can achieve.

Whether you are interested in a career change or are an engineering manager looking to hire or train your team, we hope you take the time to get to know us, our missions, our values, and our culture.

- Yan Fan
Co-founder & CTO


We have three core missions.

1. Create software engineering leaders

Engineering leaders should be more than just technically proficient. We want our students to embody "CATE":

Communication ー because software engineering is a team sport.

Autonomy ー because technology is vast and fast-paced.

Technical Ability ー because it is engineering after all.

Empathy ー because software engineers need to understand how they can impact others.

We find that many schools and programs focus on only technical skills. Those are absolutely important, but professional soft skills also play a vital role in career advancement and fulfillment.

2. Empower women in tech careers

We wholeheartedly believe that getting women more involved in engineering and contributing their ideas is key to the advancement of technology and the betterment of the world.

When you limit the range of perspectives and experiences, you limit the quality of the subsequent result, product, or decision.

3. Build an inclusive, innovative community

Innovation comes from the exchanging of ideas.

We run free educational events and workshops for the community and have covered a range of topics from technology and entrepreneurship to sustainability.

By cultivating a community where everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and learn other perspectives, we are fostering innovation and creating a more understanding world.


Take a (virtual, for now) tour of our school, meet our instructors and staff, and get to know what we are all about.

Code Chrysalis: Tokyo Coding Bootcamp

VORT Motoazabu B2, 3-1-35 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Code Chrysalis, Inc.
Date of Establishment
May 27, 2017
Head Office
Kani Munidasa・Yan Fan・Steve Furukubo, MD
Paid-in Capital
18 million yen
Main Business
① Education and training ② Consulting ③ Placement business
Employment Placement Business License: 13-ユ-311937 (April 1, 2020)

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Meet the faces behind our school.


Steve Furukubo

Managing Director
Steve has achieved successful global start-up operations at numerous enterprises. He is experienced at exit strategies including IPO, M&A and sell-offs. Of the 12 companies he managed, eleven turned profitable, and two went on to IPO.

Yan Fan

Co-Founder & CTO
Born in China and raised in Seattle, Yan graduated from Dartmouth College with degrees in Economics and Arabic. After graduation, Yan worked at an agri-commodities trading firm in Singapore before changing her career to tech. Quitting trading, Yan moved to San Francisco and became a software engineer at Ayasdi, a leading Silicon Valley machine learning startup.

Kani Munidasa

Co-Founder & CEO
As an executive at EMC (now Dell EMC), Greenplum, and Pivotal Labs, Kani helped industry leaders transform the way they build software, drive customer success, innovate, and disrupt businesses across industries in multiple geographies.


Feral Rizvi

Immersive Program Manager
Feral is a multi-disciplinary Agile practitioner, enjoying 8+ years of learning by working with people from marketing, content, design, e-commerce, cloud, web, IT software development, and now education as Immersive Program Manager. Feral loves playing video games with engaging stories (Life is Strange, Heavy Rain), photography (nature, animals), swimming and having fun philosophical discussions on life, love and happiness!

Bukky Adejobi

Career Support Associate
Born in Nigeria, moved to Canada at the age of 13, Bukky got her Bachelor of Business degree at Trent University in Canada and her MBA degree at Doshisha University in Kyoto. Following her passion to change the perception of African creative industries in Japan, she moved to Tokyo in 2017 to co-found Awa`Tori and work as a Human Resources recruiter. Through her experience as a recruiter, she realized a need and developed another passion for helping people to navigate the challenges of job-hunting, from choosing a career path to finding the right job or company, and finally the application process. This led her to pursue a consultant role at Randstad Risesmart, helping various professionals to effectively target their application documents for their target jobs. And finally, at Code Chrysalis helping program graduates on their journeys as software engineers.


Instruction Team Member
Sivani has roots spread across cities in India, the US, the UK, and now Japan! Her background is a mosaic of software engineering, educational technology, game development, creative writing, and film & audio production. She works to empower others to create amazing things through the fusing of technology and the arts.

Tsubasa Kondo

Lead Instructor
A software engineer, programming instructor, and bushcraft instructor living in Tokyo. He has experience in development and management at Givery and is currently working as an instructor at Code Chrysalis. His life motto is "making the most of life and things, and to fulfill social justice with his bare hands."

Jay Montojo

Instruction Team Member
With a fascination in aviation and incredibly poor eyesight, Jay began his career in aerospace where he built financial reporting tools. In 2018, he discovered a strong interest in teaching where he taught children and young adults English. Currently Jay is marrying his love for technology with his passion in teaching as an engineering tech mentor at Code Chrysalis.

Andy Park

Educational Software Engineer
Andy was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA and moved to Tokyo in 2019. Andy has a formal education background in art and graphic design, but has worked as a professional web developer since 2008. Andy specializes in JavaScript, but is always interested in exploring new programming languages and technologies. His hobbies include drawing, calligraphy, music production, sake, and sumo wrestling.

Yusuke Yamada

Instruction Team Member
Yusuke was born in Japan and raised in California. After working in trade industry post-graduating, he switched careers into software. He is assisting and mentoring both English and Japanese Immersive program and being a bridge in multi-cultured diverse environment.

Eriko Kidera

Senior Instructor
Born and raised in Nagasaki, Eriko worked as a systems engineer in a fintech company where she spent a decade handling system design, UI/UX, testing, & product launches. As a technical mentor & instructor, Eriko wants to encourage those who work hard as a tech mentor / instructor.

Jill Hackney

Curriculum Analyst
Jill Hackney is originally from Philadelphia, and previously worked in the film and television industry in camera and lighting. She travelled extensively before joining Code Chrysalis, including extended period of residence in Saudi Arabia, the UK, and New Zealand. She currently works remotely from Seattle on the Immersive bootcamp curriculum.

Eri Ochiai

Career Coach
Eri has lived in numerous countries including Japan, U.S., Canada, Italy and Malawi. After graduating from the International Christian University (ICU) with a degree in International Relations she has worked in the fields of language education and technology. Using her previous experience in HR at an autonomous driving startup, her role at Code Chrysalis is to advise graduates in job hunting.

Anjuli Campbell

Program Manager
Anjuli hails from the great-but-super-inaka state of Montana. After graduating from the University of Washington, she helped run her family’s winery, dabbled with craft beer brewing in Nagano, and taught English to adults for 3 years in Hokkaido. She brings this eclectic jumble of past experiences to the Code Chrysalis team in her role as Program Manager.

Melanie Taylor

Director of English Curriculum
Melanie is a freelance Japanese-English translator, interpreter, and language instructor. She enjoys facilitating communication and interesting projects, which are often connected to education and performing arts. Born & raised in New Zealand, Melanie worked in Japan for thirteen years. She also has a Masters degree in Interpreting and Translation Studies.

Masataka Shintoku

Head of Japanese Programs
Masataka started his career at NTT Data, where he worked on system development and operation, project management, and consulting for mission-critical systems of central government agencies. After that, he did the immersive boot camp at Code Chrysalis Japan and switched to being a software engineer and after serving as CTO at yui Inc. he is now responsible for the Japanese language program business at Code Chrysalis Japan. He is also an IT Management Specialist at the Digital Agency of Japan.


Shah Ahmed

Content Creator
Shah, aka Anocam, is a Photographer, Visual Artist and aspiring filmmaker born and bred in London, but has been calling Tokyo home since 2019. He has experience working in the Fashion and Music industries as a freelancer and also 5 years in the Finance industry working with SQL and SUNsystems. He has been inspired by video games, anime and movies since childhood - from Pokemon and Zelda, Dragonball and Sailor Moon to Terminator 2 and Back to The Future. His love for movies naturally led him to a cinematic style in his photos and videography and in Japan he finds a source of infinite inspiration for this.

Yu Ogawa

Admissions Associate
Born and raised in Kobe, Hyogo, and graduated from the University of York, MA in Global Citizenship Education. While advocating for gender equality at a non-profit in Japan, she supported 30 different ventures in her previous job. With the mission to empower women in the tech industry, she supports applicants through the Admissions process in Code Chrysalis.

Sumika Ikeura

Sales vendor at web advertisement company by day, copywriter for Code Chrysalis by night. Sumika has worked for the intern program in Tokyo Olympics as well as education industry in Canada, Philippines, and Australia. She is passionate about helping young people have a better life through education.

Ayano Satoh

Ayano was born in Hokkaido, raised in Tokyo. In addition to working in IT for the travel industry for 5 years, she runs her own company. Ayano loves VR and creates content for a VR platform company in her free time.

Agnes Dobija

Events & Community Manager
Born and raised in Poland, Agnes graduated from Japanese Studies at Warsaw University. After moving to Japan she got into events, was a part of the team organizing Rugby World Cup under Master Card project and NBA Tokyo 2019 Games. Then, following her interests she wanted to settle down in a tech related field and became a part of Code Chrysalis.

Tsubasa Minagawa

Digital Marketing Associate
Tsubasa is a backpacker with a ton of curiosity hitchhiking throughout Japan and traveled across U.S in his student days. He was born in Kagoshima and went to a university in Fukuoka. After graduating, he launched a cafe & co-working space. As a Digital Marketing Associate, he strives to promote Code Chrysalis around Japan.

Yunn Takiguchi

Finance Associate & Office Manager
Yunn is a bubbly musician and nursery teacher who loves care and creativity. As Finance Associate & Floor Manager, she makes this magical school more comfortable to promote harmony and growth for all who gather at Code Chrysalis.

Iku Eguchi

Admissions Lead
Iku graduated from Sophia University with a master's degree in Sociology. She lived outside of Japan for 10 years, was born in Chicago, and grew up in England. Before joining Code Chrysalis she worked as a recruiter and will be helping with admissions. If you have any questions about our course please feel free to contact her!


Tomomi Imura

Developer Relations, Cloud Advocacy, Microsoft

Naoto Togashi

Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; Executive Advisor, BrainPad

Kristin Hayden

Chief Partner Office, IGNITE National; Co-Founder, VisionVenture; Founder, OneWorld Now!

Rochelle Kopp

Managing Principal, Japan Intercultural Consulting; Author

Danny Burkes

Senior Director, Asia Pacific and Japan at VMware Tanzu Labs

Masayasu Morita

Founder & CEO, Hitomedia Group

Norikazu Tokusue

Special Advisor, Brainpaid; Board Member & Councilor, Japan Women's University

Nobuyuki Idei

Founder & CEO, Quantum Leaps; Former CEO and Chairman, Sony


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