Past Student Projects


Senior Project - CC8
Webapp for voice calls that provides transcriptions of conversations within minutes after the call

Proud Stories

Senior Project - CC8
Mobile app for empowering people from developing countries by making videos about their communities.

Boogie Woogie

Senior Project - CC8
Application that tracks and scores the user’s dance moves according to predefined patterns.


Project - CC7
Sojournal is an app to help you organize and recall your photos and observations into meaningful travel journals using cloud storage and a special Sojournal camera.


Project - CC7
Mindsweeper is an app that helps you visualise your personal Facebook data in VR. It aims to raise awareness of the data Facebook shares with third parties about you.

Ject - Speak with Confidence

Project - CC6
A web based app to help train public speaking. Ject features pronunciation training, projection training and tests your ability to think on your feet.

Katari - Life to Location

Project - CC6
KATARI is a crowd-sourced information exchange app that provides a platform for users to post pictures, location information, and most importantly stories about destinations that range from tourist locations to undiscovered treasures.


Senior Project - CC5
Mobile app to help you build good habbits.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Redux, Sketch, Zeplin, Expo


Senior Project - CC5
Crowdsourced Disaster Mapping, Live.Technologies: React Native, Google Maps, Expo, Firebase


Solo Project - CC5
Winamp, but for brosTechnologies: D3, ChromaJS, HTML5, Webpack

Hack Butterfly

Solo Project - CC5
Technologies: Solidity, VueJS, web3, Ethereum


Senior Project - CC4
Mobile app for virtual stamp rallies.Technologies: React Native, Express, Knex, Passport, Material UI, Postgres, Google APIs

Déjà View

Senior Project - CC4
Déjà View is a web application that allows you to see events during your life (and before) in a given time frame.Technologies: React, Node, Express, Postgres, Python, Serverless


Senior Project - CC3
Image recognition mobile app to find products on Amazon.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Cloudsight API, AmazonAPI, Android Studio


Senior Project - CC3
Speech-to-text flash cards for learning Japanese and English.Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, Knex, Web Speech API, React, Redux, Google Translation API, Heroku

Live Jazz Tokyo

Senior Project - CC1
Jazz event booking and management for Tokyo.Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, Knex, React, Redux, Material UI, Heroku, Google Maps, Stripe and Facebook APIs

Insertion Sort Demo

Solo Project Week 2 - CC1
A demo of how insertion sort works.Technologies: jQuery, HTML & CSS, Animate.css, Jasmine

Trip Sticker

Solo Project Week 6 - CC1
A Pin-up board for trip dreams.Technologies: React, Redux, Express, Postgres, Knex, NodeJS.

Onsen Tracker

Solo Project - Polyglottal Week - CC3
Record and find onsens you love!Technologies: Golang, Postgres, Heroku Iris, React, Redux


Solo Project - Polyglottal Week - CC3
A fashion e-commerce website.Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Capybara, Selenium, React, Redux, Bootstrap