Past Student Projects


Senior Project - CC5
Mobile app to help you build good habbits.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Redux, Sketch, Zeplin, Expo


Senior Project - CC5
Crowdsourced Disaster Mapping, Live.Technologies: React Native, Google Maps, Expo, Firebase


Solo Project - CC5
Winamp, but for brosTechnologies: D3, ChromaJS, HTML5, Webpack

Hack Butterfly

Solo Project - CC5
Technologies: Solidity, VueJS, web3, Ethereum


Senior Project - CC4
Mobile app for virtual stamp rallies.Technologies: React Native, Express, Knex, Passport, Material UI, Postgres, Google APIs

Déjà View

Senior Project - CC4
Déjà View is a web application that allows you to see events during your life (and before) in a given time frame.Technologies: React, Node, Express, Postgres, Python, Serverless


Senior Project - CC3
Image recognition mobile app to find products on Amazon.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Cloudsight API, AmazonAPI, Android Studio


Senior Project - CC3
Speech-to-text flash cards for learning Japanese and English.Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, Knex, Web Speech API, React, Redux, Google Translation API, Heroku

Live Jazz Tokyo

Senior Project - CC1
Jazz event booking and management for Tokyo.Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, Knex, React, Redux, Material UI, Heroku, Google Maps, Stripe and Facebook APIs

Insertion Sort Demo

Solo Project Week 2 - CC1
A demo of how insertion sort works.Technologies: jQuery, HTML & CSS, Animate.css, Jasmine

Trip Sticker

Solo Project Week 6 - CC1
A Pin-up board for trip dreams.Technologies: React, Redux, Express, Postgres, Knex, NodeJS.

Onsen Tracker

Solo Project - Polyglottal Week - CC3
Record and find onsens you love!Technologies: Golang, Postgres, Heroku Iris, React, Redux


Solo Project - Polyglottal Week - CC3
A fashion e-commerce website.Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Capybara, Selenium, React, Redux, Bootstrap