The Core Team

Kani Munidasa
Co-Founder & CEO

As an executive at EMC (now Dell EMC), Greenplum, and Pivotal Labs, Kani helped industry leaders transform the way they build software, drive customer success, innovate, and disrupt businesses across industries in multiple geographies.

Born in Japan and raised in Sri Lanka, Kani graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in robotics. He worked in Japan and then the US for 18 years, before deciding to leave Pivotal to explore his passion for education by graduating from and working at Hack Reactor. He relocated to Tokyo from San Francisco in 2017 to co-found Code Chrysalis.

Yan Fan
Co-Founder & CTO

Born in China and raised in Seattle, Yan graduated from Dartmouth College with degrees in Economics and Arabic. After graduation, Yan worked at Bunge Global Agribusiness, a commodities trading house. After a career change into tech, Yan worked as a software engineer at Ayasdi, a leading Silicon Valley machine learning startup, and as an instructor for Hack Reactor's prep course.

Code Chrysalis is Yan's second coding bootcamp--with Hack Reactor, she co-founded and served as CTO of a coding school in Jordan helping refugees in 2016.

No, really... please put a semicolon there.
Felix Kirmse
Lead Educational Software Engineer

Felix, a German native, brings with him a diverse technical background. He previously was developing software for a company producing embedded measuring devices, where he created an array of internal and customer-facing tools for the company.

Dylan Tran
Senior Educational Software Engineer

Dylan was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Orange County, California. He was previously a software engineer at Walmart Labs and most recently, at where he led front-end development on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Heather Dobbin
Dean of Programs

Heather is an English teacher and academic program developer. She has taught in both South Korea and Japan for eight years combined. Her main interests are supporting Japan to become a more active member of the global community through English education, facilitating intercultural communication, learning Japanese, and reading fiction. Her academic background includes psychology, social work, and English literature.

Mary Sedarous
Marketing Lead

Mary graduated from the University of Tokyo with a master’s degree in U.S.-Japan Diplomatic History, focusing on U.S. intelligence action in Japan during the early Cold War. During her time in graduate school she also taught a course on Japanese ghosts and freelanced as a translator of everything from academic papers to popular video games. Before moving to Japan, Mary graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she received four majors: Japanese, European History, East Asian Studies, and International Studies.

Krista Moroder
Senior Educational Software Engineer

Krista hails from San Francisco, where she most recently worked as an engineer in the startup scene. Prior to working in tech, she spent a decade deep in education and worked at a national research center originated by the U.S. Congress. She also currently runs a video production company, where she enjoys working on virtual reality art projects.

Dustin Tran
Educational Software Engineer

Dustin is a California native, raised in Orange County. He earned a Bachelors of Computer Science in Silicon Valley and worked as a QA Technician for Bandai Namco Entertainment America and Panasonic Avionics. Dustin joined Code Chrysalis shortly after completing the Immersive program and now develops internal tools for staff and students.

CKO (Chief Kawaii Officer)

An expert coder with over 7 years of documented experience. She loves yarn and playing on bookshelf. She solves threading problems by using sleep(). Actually she solves every problem that way. She's into cryptocurrencies, but does not like DogeCoin.

The Extended Team

Bianca Gandolfo
Frontend Engineer, Thumbtack
Brad Melluish
Software Engineer, a search company
Rohan Pethiyagoda
Senior Backend Engineer, Stealth Startup
Jason Miller
Software Engineer


Nobuyuki Idei
Founder & CEO, Quantum Leaps; Former CEO and Chairman, Sony
Masayasu Morita
Founder & CEO, Hitomedia Group
Danny Burkes
Senior Director, Pivotal Labs, Asia Pacific and Japan
Kristin Hayden
Chief Partner Office, IGNITE National; Co-Founder, VisionVenture; Founder, OneWorld Now!
Dr. Robert E. Cole
Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business & Department of Sociology, UC Berkeley
Tomomi Imura
Developer Evangelist & Advocate, Slack
Norikazu Tokusue
Special Advisor, Brainpaid; Board Member & Councilor, Japan Women's University
Rochelle Kopp
Managing Principal, Japan Intercultural Consulting; Author
Naoto Togashi
Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; Executive Advisor, BrainPad