Transparent Graduation Statistics for Bootcamps

Why Code Chrysalis is joining the Silicon Valley-standard Council on Integrity in Results Reporoting (CIRR).

Code Chrysalis joins CIRR

When we started Code Chrysalis back in 2017, we wanted to make sure that we really were the best we could possibly be. Living up to that standard has not been easy, but we are fortunate enough to have built a team that cares endlessly about our students and the quality of our programs.

To show our commitment to high standards, we are excited to announce that Code Chrysalis has joined the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR).

What is CIRR and Why Should I Care? 👀

Started in 2017 by a coalition of leading Silicon Valley coding schools, CIRR’s goal is to make sure students have a clear understanding of a school’s outcomes before applying. To accomplish this, all CIRR members must use a standardized system for measuring and reporting student outcomes. These reports are then published for prospective students to use to determine if the school’s outcomes really do meet their goals.

In a nutshell, CIRR standards make sure students know what a school’s outcomes actually are before they invest their time and money. It is designed to give students verified-statistics and protect them from deceptive marketing practices.


So, What Does This Mean For Code Chrysalis? 🔬

This means every six months Code Chrysalis will be collecting and reporting information on how our students have done after graduating. Thanks to CIRR, students can be confident that our graduation statistics will be accurate, vetted, and transparent.

This also means we have a lot of extra work cut out for us, as well. We are currently the only CIRR coding school in Japan, and the second one in all of Asia.

Joining CIRR means that we must strictly adhere to CIRR’s Six Standards:

  1. Advertising and disclosing honestly. CIRR schools follow a set of truth in advertising rules that prohibit misleading outcomes claims.
  2. Collecting students’ intent. No later than the first day of class, CIRR schools survey students as to their intent after graduating. This information, along with a list of all enrolled students, is submitted to auditors immediately. Surveying intent by the first day of class and submitting to an auditor prevents schools from manipulating their results later.
  3. Tracking enrollment and graduation. For every enrolled student, CIRR schools track their on-time and late graduation rates as part of their outcomes reports.
  4. Tracking job outcomes. After students graduate, CIRR schools follow up with job-seeking students to track what jobs they find and when.
  5. Reporting students’ outcomes. Every six months, CIRR schools release standardized reports of student outcomes.
  6. Auditing outcomes data. Once a year, CIRR schools have their outcomes report reviewed by an approved third party that checks to make sure there is evidence for the outcomes the school claims.

While we have already been tracking and keeping data on our graduates, joining CIRR will ensure that not only is our data made more widely available, but that it is also vetted and up to date.


What Does This Means for Our Community? 📈

We hope that by joining CIRR and publishing our results, people can see our commitment to our students, our commitment to education, and our commitment to elevating this industry. We are so excited to share this information, and hope it will help more people to make the right decision. You can find our real data from the CIRR website.

We also hope that other coding bootcamps in Japan will follow suit by joining CIRR. If you are interested in what it takes and our experience thus far, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].


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