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Hello everyone, this is Takuya, an intern at Code Chrysalis. Today I talked to Tsubasa Kondo, a graduate of our Immersive Bootcamp. In particular, we discussed his career path and how it changed after encountering Code Chrysalis.

I hope that readers who are considering a new career will find this article helpful!

What did you do before entering Code Chrysalis?

I was working as a Customer Reliability Engineer (CRE) at my current company, Givery. I would meet with users and teach them how to use the apps we created, perform general support, and write code to meet the needs of specific customers.

I became an engineer because I wanted to make things and get involved with product development, but at the time my skills were too low and I couldn’t do the things that I really wanted to.

I felt stuck in my career, and very unhappy. So I joined Code Chrysalis’ Immersive Bootcamp because I wanted to develop my abilities and become able to do what I wanted.

Why did you choose Code Chrysalis?

I learned about Code Chrysalis through Facebook. I thought it was interesting, and there seemed to be something more about it, so I started searching about it online. As soon as I saw the curriculum, I knew it had the most all-encompassing and up-to-date technical content.

On top of that, another reason was that my friends thought highly of it.

I finally went to one of their Meetup events, and decided that this is where I wanted to study.

What was it like attending the Immersive Bootcamp?

On a usual day, everyone gathered at 9:00am to discuss the latest technology, do Radio Taiso, and then begin class once everyone is warmed up.

In the past I’ve had the experience of being unable to continue with something I’m trying to develop because of the limitations of working alone. But once I tried pair programming with classmates at my same level, that problems was basically resolved. Working in pair makes you to communicate really carefully about the problem you want to solve, and in doing so forces you to think about things you might never have noticed before.

So you’re not just writing code, you’re also getting the opportunity to learn these other fundamental engineering skills, and in that regard it was a lot of fun. I say this with a positive meaning: the class was really challenging and a really fun way to grow.

How did things change for you after the course?

After the course, I felt very confident in my abilities. All of the things I was unable to do up until the course, I was now able to do. And of course, I had to work really hard for this.

At my company, I was able to engage in technical conversations with other engineers and even propose new projects and strategies to pursue.

Right now, I’m involved in the launch of a new project. Not just for the purpose of creating a new product, but also to use the development skills I learned at Code Chrysalis.

Do you have any advice for people interested in Code Chrysalis?

If you’re hesitating, just join. Think of it this way: not taking risks is, in itself, a risk.

In order to take this course you have to either take a break from your current workplace, or quit. But you get back what you put in. This is a broad statement, but if you truly want to change yourself, you have to take a risk and create a space where you have room to grow.

Once you take this course, you’ll see for yourself just how important it is to invest in yourself, and just how much you can gain from choosing to do so.

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