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An Advisor and Friend: The Uncle of Code Chrysalis

Interview with Kani on Idei-san’s Impact on CC

Enterprise Interview

How does your age, language, current career, and technical background impact your getting a job?

How does your age, language, current career, and technical background impact ability to secure a job in Japan? A mid-career change within the same industry is not an easy felt, not to talk of a lateral change into a completely new industry.


8 Reasons to Choose JavaScript as Your First Language

While our curriculum is JavaScript, we like to say that Code Chrysalis is officially language agnostic. This means that we welcome, push, and encourage students to use the skills that they learn with us to explore the vast technical landscape by themselves.


What are Remote Courses Like?

Build essential skills to become an effective remote engineer.


Mercari x Code Chrysalis | Training & Developing the strongest software engineers (Part 1)

In recent years, the speed of system development and updates has made the difference between a company's success and failure, and the importance of in-house engineers to support in-house development is only increasing.


Remote Program for Japanese Speakers to Become Software Engineers in 6 Months

Mention this press release at the time of your enrollment interview and receive a ¥100,000 discount off of the program. Available for the first 12 applicants who successfully enroll in the inaugural Japanese Immersive Part-Time program.

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