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Learn programming fundamentals at your own pace, with motivated peers

Foundations Lite is our same amazing Foundations curriculum & community, but with greater flexibility.

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Foundations Lite is perfect for those:

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Wanting a Career Change

Foundations students start strong in our Immersive Bootcamp and have better graduate outcomes. Knowing how to code is a competitive skill relevant across all industries in tech.

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Working with Engineers

Learn how to think like an engineer and better communicate about technology to be more effective in your job.

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Curious about Tech

Technological innovation is accelerating at an unprecedented speed. It's more important now than ever to know how tech works. Beyond engineering software, coding is a valuable skill for your future.

Learn to code on your own schedule

Anyone can learn how to code. Past Foundations students have been English teachers, designers, product managers, analysts, marketers, CEOs, directors, ballet dancers, and more!

10 hours of online lectures
At your leisure
Recorded Lectures
Technical Assessments
Instructor Support
Lifetime Access
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27,500 JPY


Build a clear understanding of fundamental programming concepts so that you can learn to think and grow like an engineer. You will be able to create logic using code, develop engineering autonomy, and practice a growth mindset.

Developer Skills
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Developer environments
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Basic test driven development
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Imposter syndrome
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Research and documentation
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Thinking through algorithms
Intermediate Javascript
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Iterating through objects
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Nested objects & arrays
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Data modeling
Coding Basics
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Primitive data types
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Conditionals & comparisons
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Iterating through arrays
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Basic HTML & CSS
Advanced Javascript
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Basic sorting
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Higher order functions
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Scope & closures
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Make Real Progress

Get out of your learning rut. Things are better with our instructors and our active community of learners.

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Explore the Possibilities

See if coding is the challenge you've been looking for - Foundations will set you up for bootcamp success.

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Learn to Do It Yourself

Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for life. Learn engineering autonomy to reach your career goals on your own.

By the end of Foundations, you will have:

Constructed a dynamic, personal website from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Created APIs to organize and retrieve data about Pokemon and Nobel Prize winners
Created an interactive color picker to practice DOM manipulation
Have the knowledge, motivation and resources to continue programming
Lifetime access to course materials and lecture videos

Our experienced instruction team will be there to guide and support you throughout your journey. You will learn how to write and run code on your own computer, use slack to communicate with your peers and create your own projects in no time.

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We provide everything you need to succeed

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Recorded Lectures

Review your lectures at anytime for life.

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Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to our thorough curriculum that ensures you build a solid set of fundamental skills. Learn how to do things on your computer, rather than just coding in a browser.

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JavaScript Projects

Having a strong foundation is essential for being able to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology.

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Slack Community

Make friends with other go-getters and high achievers with similar goals. Learning is more engaging when you are sharing the experience with others. You will have access to our Slack community of staff and graduates for life.

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