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Who Are Our Students?

Our students hail from 30+ countries and come from a myriad of backgrounds. We welcome the diversity of thought, knowledge, and abilities that they bring to our program. Past student professions include system engineers, filmmakers, traders, accountants, professional ballet dancers, musicians and artists.

We are also proud to boast a high number of women graduates from our Immersive program.

Why Hire a Code Chrysalis Graduate?

While the majority of our graduates come from non-technical backgrounds, the progress that they make is oftentimes unbelievable. Here are just a few reasons to hire a Code Chrysalis graduate.

Our graduates are vetted for resilience

Competitive Admission

Applicants must pass an intermediate coding challenge to submit an application, followed by a series of technical interviews that ensure applicants meet our technical and non-technical standards.

Rigorous Screening & Curriculum

After tentative acceptance, students are required to complete a month long of technical projects and assessments with little guidance.

Weekly Assessments & Checks

Our Immersive program is rigorous. Far more difficult than a regular job. Students are assessed and challenged with various projects, assignments including learning a full-stack, public speaking and communication training, teamwork, and more.

Our graduates are autonomous leaders

While our program curriculum covers full-stack software engineering in JavaScript, it is designed to focus on building autonomy in our students. We graduate software engineers leaders, not JavaScript engineers. That distinction is important.

Autonomy-training is built into everything we do. From pair programming to test-writing, product workshops, the tech talks and pitching technical projects, the soft-skill training we do in class. This is why many final projects are done with technologies and languages that we never teach.

Our graduates are
creative problem solvers

Our students are trained to solve problems and build solutions, no matter the technology or medium.

Within our program, we also have a special week called "Polyglottal Week" where our students are required to choose a programming language that they have never used before and build an app in only a week. Students have chosen all kinds of languages, from Golang to Ruby to C. We have even had a few Rustaceans.


Student Tech Talks

All of our students are required to give public tech talks. Here are some of them.