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Foundations is our part-time, 5-week introduction to programming course for beginners.

We do not believe that you can create a sustainable software engineering career by going to a coding program for beginners promising full-stack web applications in one month. Our course is designed for beginners who want to pursue a new fulfilling career path.


One of our September 2, 2019 classes will be conducted entirely in Japanese. Improve your Japanese and learn the basics of programming in one go!

Anna Nakayama
Anna NakayamaAccount Manager

"I loved Foundations! I'm so happy I joined because it filled a lot of the gaps in my knowledge and gave me a lot of practice. I wish it was longer because the last 4 weeks passed way too fast."

What You Will Learn

Our course focuses on building a clear understanding of fundamental concepts used in programming so that you can learn to think and grow like an engineer. Through our Foundations course, you will be able to create logic using code, develop engineering autonomy, and practice having a growth mindset.

Week 1

  • development environments
  • primitive data types
  • conditionals & comparisons
  • functions

Week 2 & 3

  • variables
  • basic test driven development
  • for loops
  • arrays
  • pseudocoding
  • objects & loops

Week 3 & 4

  • objects & methods
  • nested objects & arrays
  • higher order functions
  • data modeling
  • algorithms & sorting
  • higher order functions continued

Week 4 & 5

  • currying
  • basic HTML & CSS
  • scope & closures
  • instantiation
  • advanced higher order functions
  • ES6

Upcoming Course Schedule

Price - Early Bird: ¥158,400 (10% tax inclusive) | Regular: ¥176,000 (10% tax inclusive)

  • Motoazabu (near Roppongi Hills), Minato Ward, Tokyo
  • 5 weeks; 60 hours of class time
Class Times
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 19:00 – 22:00 | Saturday, 9:00 – 16:00
  • Please anticipate 6+ hours of homework per week
  • Intro to Programming in Japanese
  • Monday & Wednesday, 19:00 – 22:00 | Saturday, 9:00 – 16:00
Course DatesEarly Bird DeadlineFinal Deadline
October 22 - November 23, 2019September 16, 2019October 16, 2019
November 11- December 16, 2019 [Japanese] *October 25, 2019November 6, 2019
January 14 - February 15, 2020December 14, 2019January 10, 2020
January 13 - February 15, 2020 [Japanese]December 14, 2019January 10, 2020
March 3 - April 2, 2020 **January 31, 2020February 28, 2020
March 2 - April 4, 2020 [Japanese]January 31, 2020February 28, 2020
April 14 - May 16, 2020March 13, 2020April 10, 2020
April 13 - May 16, 2020 [Japanese]March 13, 2020April 10, 2020

* No class on November 30 | ** No class on March 26

Can't make our upcoming courses? We will be announcing future dates soon!
Tamie Kanata
Tamie KanataProfessor

"Code Chrysalis was a perfect, very progressive choice for me among all "bootcamp" options I considered in the U.S. as well as online. I wanted a nurturing, supportive community where I could start learning Javascript as a real beginner. And, my needs were all met. Working with wonderful instructors, all the classmates and their diverse individualities freely expressed there was an added joy to be a part of.

I also appreciated how the co-founders, Kani and Yan, and everyone at Code Chrysalis are friendly and very approachable. They continue to do an excellent job of outreach and creating an active, inclusive community. I also appreciate them making their content available on Facebook, etc. Many thanks, guys, for being [a] progressive "catalyst" and continuing to make a difference in Japan. "

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Meet Your Instructors

Masataka Shintoku

Masataka graduated from Osaka University in 2009, and worked at NTT Data in customer service, consulting, and as a product manager for the development of critical systems. In 2016, after encountering Bitcoin, he decided to become a software engineer. He enrolled in Code Chrysalis' Immersive program, and graduated as part of the 3rd cohort in March 2018. Masataka is currently the CTO of the Tokyo-based startup yui.

Beau Dobbin

Beau has worked in software development, English education, and audio engineering. He is interested in computer science education and building software that makes people's lives better. He graduated from Code Chrysalis in July and is currently a software engineer at Zehitomo.

Alex Ogilvie

Alex graduated from Pembroke College, University of Oxford with a Masters of Chemistry. Feeling disillusioned with chemistry, he moved to Japan to teach English in Saitama. Alex started coding at a Code Chrysalis introduction to programming workshop and went on to taking Harvard's on-line CS50X course. He graduated from Code Chrysalis in July and is currently a software engineer at Zehitomo.

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