Foundations is our part-time prep course for beginners who want to get started learning how to code.

We do not believe that you can create a sustainable software engineering career by going to a coding program for beginners promising full-stack web applications in one month. This is learning how to code the Code Chrysalis way.

This is a course created for beginners who want to build a solid foundation in a new and fulfilling career path. We focus on developing a logical, engineering thought-process, autonomy, and a habit for finding best practices. We will also go over basic developer workflows, introducing version control on Day 1.

What You Will Learn

Week 1

Intro to JavaScript Fundamentals and Functions

  • variables and primitive data types
  • program flow and control
  • developer environments
  • functions
  • basic recursion
  • basic git
  • idiomatic JS

Week 2

Intermediate JavaScript Fundamentals

  • basic test driven development
  • objects and arrays
  • debugging
  • decomposition
  • abstraction
  • data modelling

Week 3

Functional and Intermediate Recursion

  • lambda functions
  • higher order functions
  • algorithms
  • intermediate recursion
  • callstacks

Week 4

Algorithms and Basic Data Structures

  • intermediate algorithms
  • basic data structures
  • interview prep
  • advanced recursion
  • closures
  • instantiation

Program Details

March Foundations

Location: Roppongi

Dates: Mar 20th - Apr 15th, 2018

Times: Tue & Wed 7pm - 9:30pm, Sat & Sun 9am - 1:30pm

56 hours of class time

Tuition: ¥150,000

Language: JavaScript taught in English

Can't make our March course? We will be announcing future dates soon!