Why JavaScript?

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript

Jeff Atwood, CEO of StackOverflow

We focus on building versatility in fundamentals and believe that JavaScript is the best language for us to deliver that mindset.

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Take our Introduction to Programming course on your own schedule

Foundations Lite is our same amazing Foundations curriculum and community, but with greater flexibility.

This program is great for people who are interested in a career change, want to work and communicate more effectively with engineers, or want to learn the fundamentals of coding to enrich their life.

Past Foundations students have been English teachers, designers, product managers, analysts, marketers, CEOs, directors, ballet dancers, and more!

Why Choose Foundations Lite?

Watch and rewatch all the lectures from our top-notch instructors taking you from complete beginner to building your own simple web pages and projects.

6 months of access to weekly remote group study sessions guided by dedicated instructors.

Join our large community of learners to motivate you and make friends.

Lifetime access to our thorough curriculum that ensures you build a solid set of fundamental skills.

Learn how to do things on your computer, rather than just coding in a browser.

Get on-demand help from instructors through Slack.

Lots of exercises and projects to challenge you and push you forward.

Learn at your own pace, with our help along the way.

By the end of Foundations, you will:

  • Have constructed a personal website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch
  • Create simple APIs to organize and retrieve data about Pokemon and Nobel Prize winners
  • Create a random color picker to practice DOM manipulation
  • Give a final presentation to the class, highlighting the technical challenges you faced and what you learned
  • Have the knowledge and resources to continue programming

Specific topics include...

Developer Skills

  • developer environments
  • basic test driven development
  • pseudocoding
  • imposter syndrome
  • research and documentation
  • thinking through algorithms

Coding Basics

  • primitive data types
  • conditionals & comparisons
  • functions
  • variables
  • arrays
  • iterating through arrays
  • basic HTML & CSS

Intermediate Basics

  • objects
  • iterating through objects
  • methods
  • nested objects & arrays
  • data modeling

Advanced Basics

  • basic sorting
  • higher order functions
  • scope & closures
  • instantiation
  • currying
  • ES6

Our experienced instruction team will be there to guide and support you throughout your journey.

You will learn how to write and run code on your computer, use Slack to communicate with your instructors and other students, Zoom for real-time support, and create your own projects in no time.


Self-Paced course, with dedicated mentors


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Our curriculum forever plus six months of weekly study sessions with Code Chrysalis instructors.

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