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Learn programming fundamentals at your own pace, with motivated peers & dedicated mentors.

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Slack Community
Slack のコミュニティ
Yu Ogawa
Admissions Associate
Iku Eguchi
Admissions Lead
Takuya Arakaki
Blog Writer
Eri Ochiai
Career Coach
Bukky Adejobi
Career Support Associate
Kristin Hayden
Chief Partner Office, IGNITE National; Co-Founder, VisionVenture; Founder, OneWorld Now!
Co-Chief Kawaii Officer
Co-Chief Kawaii Officer
Kani Munidasa
Co-Founder & CEO
Yan Fan
Co-Founder & CTO
Shah Ahmed
Content Creator
Ayano Satoh
Sumika Ikeura
Jill Hackney
Curriculum Analyst
Tomomi Imura
Developer Relations, Cloud Advocacy, Microsoft
Tsubasa Minagawa
Digital Marketing Associate
Melanie Taylor
Director of English Curriculum
Andy Park
Educational Software Engineer
Misako Kondoh
Engineer in Residence
Agnes Dobija
Events & Community Manager
Yunn Takiguchi
Finance Associate & Office Manager
Beau Dobbin
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer
Alex Ogilvie
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer
Halee Pagel
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer
Fraser Tooth
Former Product Manager, Software Engineer
Nemanja Milenkovic
Former Project Manager, Software Engineer
Stefano Demichelis
Former Recruiter, Software Engineer
Urara Nakauchi
Former Translator, Software Engineer
Masayasu Morita
Founder & CEO, Hitomedia Group
Nobuyuki Idei
Founder & CEO, Quantum Leaps; Former CEO and Chairman, Sony
Masataka Shintoku
Head of Japanese Programs
Feral Rizvi
Immersive Program Manager
Yusuke Yamada
Instruction Team Member
Jay Montojo
Instruction Team Member
Instruction Team Member
Tsubasa Kondo
Lead Instructor
Steve Furukubo
Managing Director
Rochelle Kopp
Managing Principal, Japan Intercultural Consulting; Author
Anjuli Campbell
Program Manager
Naoto Togashi
Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; Executive Advisor, BrainPad
Danny Burkes
Senior Director, Asia Pacific and Japan at VMware Tanzu Labs
Eriko Kidera
Senior Instructor
Yukio Ueda
Software Engineer
Diallo Spears
Software Engineer
Yuma Sumi
Software Engineer
Norikazu Tokusue
Special Advisor, Brainpaid; Board Member & Councilor, Japan Women's University
Code Chrysalis
 27,500 JPY
 99,000 JPY
At your leisure
10 hours of lectures 
Lifetime Access

Upcoming Cohorts

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Learn to code on your own schedule

Foundations Lite is our same amazing Foundations curriculum & community, but with greater flexibility.

Anyone can learn how to code. Past Foundations students have been English teachers, designers, product managers, analysts, marketers, CEOs, directors, ballet dancers, and more! This course is perfect for those:

Wanting a Career Change

Foundations students start strong in our Immersive Bootcamp and have better graduate outcomes. Knowing how to code is a competitive skill relevant across all industries in tech.

Working with Engineers

Learn how to think like an engineer and better communicate about technology to be more effective in your job.

Curious about Tech

Technological innovation is accelerating at an unprecedented speed. It's more important now than ever to know how tech works. Beyond engineering software, coding is a valuable skill for your future.

By the end of Foundations, you will have:

  • Constructed a dynamic, personal website from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Created APIs to organize and retrieve data about Pokemon and Nobel Prize winners
  • Created an interactive color picker to practice DOM manipulation
  • Have the knowledge, motivation and resources to continue programming
  • Lifetime access to course materials and lecture videos

Our experienced instruction team will be there to guide and support you throughout your journey. You will learn how to write and run code on your computer, use Slack to communicate with your instructors and other students, Google Meet for real-time support, and create your own projects in no time.

Learn to Think Like an Engineer

Build a clear understanding of fundamental programming concepts so that you can learn to think and grow like an engineer. You will be able to create logic using code, develop engineering autonomy, and practice a growth mindset.

Developer Skills

  • developer environments
  • basic test driven development
  • pseudocoding
  • imposter syndrome
  • research and documentation
  • thinking through algorithms

Coding Basics

  • primitive data types
  • conditionals & comparisons
  • functions
  • variables
  • arrays
  • iterating through arrays
  • basic HTML & CSS


  • objects
  • iterating through objects
  • methods
  • nested objects & arrays
  • data modeling


  • basic sorting
  • higher order functions
  • scope & closures
  • instantiation
  • currying
  • ES6

You will learn how to write and run code on your computer, use Slack to communicate with instructors and other students, join instructor sessions for real-time support, and create your own projects in no time.

< How do I apply to the Foundations Lite Program? >

  1. Click "APPLY NOW" on this page and fill the pre-application form
  2. Read must-read materials in a sent email
  3. (Optional) Schedule a 30-minute consultation
  4. Fill the application form
  5. Agree to the contract and pay the full tuition fee
  6. Do self-onboarding process, optionally schedule an onboarding meeting to get some help from our staff
  7. Start Foundations Lite!

What's the difference between Foundations and Foundations Lite?

Our Foundations and Foundations Lite curriculum is the same.

However, there is a difference in class location, interactivity with instructors/students, and instructor support.

  • For Foundations, the classes will be held at specific times and there is a lot of collaboration with both instructors and other motivated students. The classes will be guided by experienced instructors and can get direct support during class hours.
  • For Foundations Lite, students get access to a recorded video lecture and can take the course at their own pace. If students have any questions or need support, students can join optional 1-on-1 online sessions with one of our instructors. They can book 9 sessions at a maximum.

How long will it take to finish Foundations Lite?

This would depend on how much you can spend time, and how in-depth you would be work on the coding exercises.

We provide different levels for the coding exercises (Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Nightmare). Just finishing the Basic levels would be fine, but we encourage students to challenge themselves with the more difficult levels, especially if you'd like to join our advanced program.

If you were working on the Basic exercises and spent 2 hours a day, on average it would take a month to complete the course.

Our students get lifetime career support

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📝 On-Demand Lectures

Watch and rewatch all the lectures from our top-notch instructors, taking you from complete beginner to building your own simple web pages and projects.

Tokyo Programming Bootcamp remote classroom experience

💪 Motivated Community

Join our large community of learners to motivate you and make friends.

✨ Lifetime Access to Curriculum

Lifetime access to our thorough curriculum that ensures you build a solid set of fundamental skills.

Learn how to do things on your computer, rather than just coding in a browser.

Tokyo Programming Bootcamp intro to programming curriculum
Foundations Slack software instructor support

🙋 Support When You Need It

Join 1-1 personalized sessions with experienced instructors.

Packed with beginner to advanced exercises and portfolio projects to challenge you and push you forward.

Learn at your own pace, with our help along the way.

See if a Code Chrysalis education is right for you.