What We Can Do for Enterprise Customers

We are disrupting the consumer technical education space by combining an outcomes-based approach, passionate instructors, Silicon Valley mindset, and essential soft skills. Now, we are extending our services to offer tailored corporate training that applies that same winning formula to get results.


We will work with you to benchmark your team's strengths, identify opportunities for growth, and measure training outcomes.

Ideal for: Software development teams


Let us do on-boarding so that you can go on with business. We can quickly increase the productivity of new hires and reduce drag on senior engineers through structured onboarding.

Ideal for: Computer science graduates and other bootcamp grads


Harness the potential of your non-technical employees by turning them into productive members of software engineering and development teams.

Ideal for: Non-technical professionals


Transform technical employees with outdated knowledge into impactful engineers with current, relevant engineering skill sets customized to team and company goals.

Ideal for: Experienced software engineers

Team Communication

Our English communication courses are unlike anything offered---we focus on building quality communication, social skills, and confidence.

Ideal for: Native Japanese professionals

Community Building and Engineer Outreach

We have a thriving community of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We hold free or low-cost educational events every week and collaborate with other like-minded organizers to create a supportive and welcoming environment in Japan.

More than a Coding School

Gain the confidence to reach higher. Our curriculum can help you develop world-class talent with the ability to thrive on the international stage.

We promise to work with you to develop a unique curriculum designed around the needs of your employees and organization.

How to Get Started

Please contact us to further discuss how Code Chrysalis can help your company to evolve: [email protected].

Set up a meeting with Code Chrysalis staff using this calendar link.