Become a full-stack software engineer in 3-months with lifetime career support.

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Slack Community
Slack のコミュニティ
Tsubasa Kondo
Lead Instructor
Instruction Team Member
Jay Montojo
Instruction Team Member
Eri Ochiai
Career Coach
近藤 翔
落合 恵理
Yu Ogawa
Admissions Associate
Iku Eguchi
Admissions Lead
Takuya Arakaki
Blog Writer
Eri Ochiai
Career Coach
Bukky Adejobi
Career Support Associate
Kristin Hayden
Chief Partner Office, IGNITE National; Co-Founder, VisionVenture; Founder, OneWorld Now!
Co-Chief Kawaii Officer
Co-Chief Kawaii Officer
Kani Munidasa
Co-Founder & CEO
Yan Fan
Co-Founder & CTO
Shah Ahmed
Content Creator
Ayano Satoh
Sumika Ikeura
Jill Hackney
Curriculum Analyst
Tomomi Imura
Developer Relations, Cloud Advocacy, Microsoft
Tsubasa Minagawa
Digital Marketing Associate
Melanie Taylor
Director of English Curriculum
Andy Park
Educational Software Engineer
Misako Kondoh
Engineer in Residence
Agnes Dobija
Events & Community Manager
Yunn Takiguchi
Finance Associate & Office Manager
Beau Dobbin
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer
Alex Ogilvie
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer
Halee Pagel
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer
Fraser Tooth
Former Product Manager, Software Engineer
Nemanja Milenkovic
Former Project Manager, Software Engineer
Stefano Demichelis
Former Recruiter, Software Engineer
Urara Nakauchi
Former Translator, Software Engineer
Masayasu Morita
Founder & CEO, Hitomedia Group
Nobuyuki Idei
Founder & CEO, Quantum Leaps; Former CEO and Chairman, Sony
Masataka Shintoku
Head of Japanese Programs
Feral Rizvi
Immersive Program Manager
Yusuke Yamada
Instruction Team Member
Jay Montojo
Instruction Team Member
Instruction Team Member
Tsubasa Kondo
Lead Instructor
Steve Furukubo
Managing Director
Rochelle Kopp
Managing Principal, Japan Intercultural Consulting; Author
Anjuli Campbell
Program Manager
Naoto Togashi
Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; Executive Advisor, BrainPad
Danny Burkes
Senior Director, Asia Pacific and Japan at VMware Tanzu Labs
Eriko Kidera
Senior Instructor
Yukio Ueda
Software Engineer
Diallo Spears
Software Engineer
Yuma Sumi
Software Engineer
Norikazu Tokusue
Special Advisor, Brainpaid; Board Member & Councilor, Japan Women's University
Code Chrysalis
 1,320,000 JPY
Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00
12 weeks・450+ hours of class time
Motoazabu, Tokyo, Japan
Lifetime Access

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Don't just learn to codeーlearn how to think like an engineer.

Become an autonomous and versatile software engineer competitive in today's ever evolving tech world. Our curriculum is industry-aligned with a Silicon Valley-mindset, optimized for efficiency and impact.

Master Javascript Fundamentals

Having a strong foundation is essential for being able to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology.

Lifetime Career Support

From resume polishing to salary negotiation, we cover it all. Our graduates get a higher average salary than Tokyo's industry average.

Build a Competitive Portfolio

Each student builds a portfolio of full-stack projects during the course in languages and technologies common in today's job market.

Preparing for Career Longevity

From presentation skills to team work and communication, our program not only prepares people for the technical requirements of the job, but also everything else that moves your career forward.

Precourse: Developer Basics

2 months prior to the Immersive bootcamp, you will be given our mandatory precourse curriculum to build a strong foundation before Immersive begins. Precourse takes the average student 40-80 hours to complete.

  • Git & GitHub Fundamentals
  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Programming Basics
  • HTML, CSS, & DOM Manipulation

Weeks 1-2: Computer Science & Adv. JavaScript

Practice communication, meta-learning, and time management skills to navigate the course and engage in effective team collaboration while learning these topics.

  • Recursion
  • Closures
  • Inheritance Patterns
  • Functional Programming (FP) vs. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Data Structures
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)

Weeks 3-6: Full-Stack Application

We bring you full-stack starting from the backend and moving to the frontend. Work on a slew of solo and team projects, ending with a portfolio of deployed full-stack apps built from scratch.

  • Creating Servers with Node.JS & Express
  • REST API & GraphQL
  • SQL Database & Schema Creation
  • Front-end technology (React, Vue.JS)
  • CI/CD & Framework Architecture
  • Product Management for Engineers

Week 7: Industry & Real World Applications

We work with industry partners like Stripe, Mymizu, Rakuten RapidAPI and Spotify to provide an enterprise-level hackathon experience. You will polish your resume, prepare for technical interviews, and work on your pitching skills.

There will be the opportunity to promote yourself as a thought leader in the Tokyo tech community via public-facing tech talks. Previous students have done everything from AI, AR/VR to blockchain to shaders-anything that they have explored using code.

Week 8: Polyglottal Week

For polyglottal week, you will be given the opportunity to explore a new programming language and create a useful, full-stack application. You are required to choose a language you have little to no experience in. This ability to be autonomous and creative within limited means is a strong indicator you can provide value to fast-faced start-ups and to your personal career longevity.

Weeks 9-12: Senior Project & Job Hunt Prep

You have 4 weeks to plan and develop a culminating industry-level project using everything that you have learned as well as new technologies. We have a no-limit rule on these; you can do anything that you want, in any language, as long as it meets our complexity requirements.

Postcourse: Lifetime Career Support

Work intimately with a specialized career coach to guide you in finding a software engineer job post-graduation and for life.

"I studied computer science in college 10 years back... I thought it would be impossible for me to come back. [The] curriculum is awesome and highly job focused as opposed to academia. First time in Japan... I got multiple job offers. CC not only teaches you JavaScript but also how to learn new technologies on your own."

Shruti Jain, Software Engineer @ Reallyenglish

"I had no coding experience before January 2019. Now it's December of the same year and I am working as [a] software engineer! I would have never imagined this to be possible. It's a dream came true!"

Stefano Demichelis, Software Engineer @ CI&T

"I’d absolutely say it’s life-changing. It’s a chance to take 3 months away from work and immerse yourself in something exciting, interesting, and fun."

Alex Ogilvie, Software Engineer @ Zehitomo

How do I apply to the Immersive?

Please see below for the admission process. If there is a specific class you would like to join, we recommend applicants to apply 3-4 months in advance of the start date.

  1. Apply through the web
  2. Schedule a Technical Check-in
  3. Pass the Technical Check-in
  4. Have Acceptance Check-in
  5. Receive contract and payment details
  6. Agree to the contract and pay the deposit fee
  7. Start working on Precourse
  8. Finish Precourse and start the Immersive!

I am a beginner in coding. Can I get in the Immersive?

For the Immersive, we do not take beginners. You must have a basic programming knowledge and pass our Technical Check-in. We highly encourage beginners to join our community of motivated learners and take our Foundations: Intro to Programming course, which will catch you up to speed with the basic programming knowledge in one month and adequately prepare you for the technical interview.
For more advice, please check our Help Center!

Are there any differences between Immersive and Immersive Part-Time?

Immersive Part-Time is a fully remote course that offers flexibility to upskill while maintaining your daytime commitments. Immersive Part-Time students will be required to watch lectures as homework, while class time will be devoted to sprint reviews, time with instructors, projects, and hacking time.
The courses share the same curriculum and projects, however there will no API Week (Week 7 activity in the Immersive) in the Immersive Part-Time. Additionally, the public-facing tech talk (Week 8 Saturday activity in the Immersive)and Career Support lectures (Week 11-12 activity in the Immersive) required in the Immersive are not mandatory in our part-time program.

Our students get lifetime career support

We're a career-focused bootcamp. See why our graduates have received offers from these companies and more.



Who Are Our Students?

Our Graduates Earn 38% More Than Average

We publish graduation reports are certified by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) every 6 months.  View latest report →

Student Backgrounds Before Joining

Our program is both challenging for those already in the field, but accessible enough for those looking to change their careers.

The majority of our students come from non-technical backgrounds. Our class has had ballet dancers, English teachers, accountants, artists, business people, and musicians alongside those with computer science degrees and developer experience.

Top Job Titles

Graduates' first job titles coming out of the Immersive.
(Updated March 2021)

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