EDOCODE Foundations Scholarship

For Sept 2020 Foundations class

EDOCODE is providing full scholarship to 1 successful candidate for the September 2020 Japanese Foundations.

What is EDOCODE?

EDOCODE (https://www.edocode.co.jp/) is an Ebisu, Tokyo-based IT/Web service company. We spun-off and were established in June 2016 from our parent company Wano Co., Ltd. We built our first client in 2010 on our core business “point malls”, and as of 2019, have successfully grown that number to over 20.

As a spin-off company with very profitable and stable financials, we are free to invest this capital into developing new products internally, utilizing lean startup practices.

Although our clients are big traditional Japanese companies, our strength lies in our ability to manage them and meet their needs. After 3 years since launching our company, EDOCODE is finally set to pursue our mission of developing “a service that can be used by people worldwide”.

We are looking for co-workers who are passionate about new products as Product Managers, Designers, and Software Engineers!


Who is eligible?

Anyone who...

  • Is interested in attending the the Sep 15 - Oct 28 2020 Remote Japanese Foundations
  • Is comfortable interviewing in Japanese
  • Has a vision on a problem they want to solve using technology

The winner will be asked to include information about the scholarship on their resume and other relevant online profiles.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Full tuition to the Code Chrysalis Japanese Foundations (¥160,000 + taxes)

How do I apply?

Apply to the Code Chrysalis Foundations course by filling out this application form and indicate your interest. Please mention that you are interested in the scholarship in 'Why are you interested in coding?' section when filling out the form.

After sending your application form, you will be invited to a short interview with a Code Chrysalis staff. This is just a chance for us to get to know you and help you answer any questions you have about the course itself.

After you have completed this interview, EDOCODE will reach out to you to schedule an interview with them. After the interview, you will receive the result on 8/31.

Please note the deadline below is for having the scholarship interview with Code Chrysalis staff, not EDOCODE.

Application Deadline: July 31, 2020