What are Remote Courses Like?


Remote is The Future of Tech

Being able to work effectively on a remote team is more important than ever now. COVID-19 is changing the way society works and how companies look and analyze their current beliefs, processes, expectations, and thinking.

A big change that we're seeing is how inefficient many of our old habits were. We believe that these changes to how we work will last beyond this pandemic. That's why we are certain that this is a step in the right direction for Code Chrysalis.

The modern software engineer is no stranger to collaborating and building software in a remote environment. Our remote courses offer the opportunity to build technical and effective online communication skills — sought-after skills for developer at tech companies with remote or a work-from-home culture.

Interactive Lectures & Activities

Interaction with students is given at the same extent as in our onsite courses. All lectures and activities are delivered live via Zoom. Our courses include technical workshops, team building activities, delivering effective online lightning talks, 1-on-1 mentoring, and technical interview training to become a competitive software engineering candidate.

There is always an instructor on-duty to offer live support, and interaction with students is given at the same extent as in our onsite courses.

Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Remote lectures
Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Remote lectures

Live Pair-Programming & Team Projects

During hacking-time, you will be paired up with a partner to tackle coding sprints & projects where students from different computers can code real time in the same file directory at the same time, made possible with VSCode LiveShare and Tandem.

Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Remote lectures in Tandem
Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Remote lectures in Tandem

You will learn how to adapt and develop both technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in a digital environment true to everyday developers.

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Anyone can learn how to code. We want to help you get started.

10 Tips for our Technical Interview

Advice for effective studying and getting into our coding bootcamp.

Async Javascript Tutorial

This tutorial will focus on understanding the three ways we handle asynchronous calls (Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await) so that you can write scalable JavaScript applications.



【企業向け研修】インタビュー① NRI 大元 様

今回は、コードクリサリスの企業向け研修プログラムを導入していただいたNRI DX生産革新本部 本部長 大元様にお話をお伺いしました。 企業向け研修プログラム導入の経緯や受講後の社員様の変化についてお聞きしました。

【企業向け研修】インタビュー② NRI 塩川 様

今回は、コードクリサリスの企業向け研修プログラムを導入していただいたNRI bit Labs 塩川様にお話をお伺いしました。 企業向け研修プログラム導入の経緯や受講後の社員様の変化、今後のビジョンについてお聞きしました。

【企業向け研修】インタビュー③ NRI 西村 様

今回は、コードクリサリスの企業向け研修プログラムを導入していただいたNRI 人材開発部 西村様にお話をお伺いしました。 企業向け研修プログラム導入の経緯や受講後の社員様の変化についてお聞きしました。